Chapter 5

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Meet the old friends is always awesome.  I had so much fun with Riley and the gangs.  Haha.  Yeah, they treated me everything, from Starbucks to shopping.  Surprisingly, three of them asked me to go shopping with them yesterday.  They're gonna need it for tour, but Mrs. McDonough can't help.  So I was pretty much being a Mom for a day.

Today we're going to cook together.  Joan and Mark were home last night and they invited me to a family dinner.  But this morning I guess they will leave for Tampa.  Mark has been really busy.  And since the boys have no tour in any short, Joan joined the trip.

"Room service!"  I teased the boys by yelling like that and rang the bell.

"Sorry Ma'am, I didn't call one."  Riley opened up with his messy hair.  He's seriously a morning person at this too brightly 11 pm.

"Step back."  I pushed him playfully and made my way straight to the kitchen.  Tank was there.  He probably got the schedule to cook the breakfast.  "Hey Tank!"

"Hey Stef!  Ready to start?"  Connor went downstairs with a paper on his hands.

"Sure!  What's that?"

"A recipe.  I downloaded it from the internet.  I think we can give it a shot."  He showed me the recipe.

"Oh right, panna cota.  I've ever made one before.  But what's for the lunch?"

"We got chicken, potatoes, and cheese in the fridge.  What do you think?"  Toby soon joined us and buried his head inside the frozen chicken.

"Cool.  We can make chicken steak with mashed potato and cheese."  I nodded.  I took the pan, knife, and any other war stuff then started to chop everything right away.

"Give me something to do, chef!"  Riley wrapped my waist from behind, with a knife on my hand.  He's lucky I didn't kill him.

"Go chop those strawberries and lemons for the panna cota, darling."  I noted the 'darlling' part to tease him.  That's how we talk and mostly, one of us would be blushing.

"Got it babe."  He finally released me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Seeing Riley with an apron and chop the fruits was something you can never see everyday.  So I took my phone, taking a picture of him.  Well he's too serious to realize.  Hah.

We spent probably 2 hours cooking the main course and dessert.  The boys really helped me.  I thought I would be the unpaid maid but no, they were the ones who cleaned up the mess that I made during the war.  We decided to clean up the kitchen first before started eating.  And just in case you wanted to know, lunch on the dining table was normally boring.  So Toby prepared a soft carpet at the living room, and Connor helped us to bring all of our foods.

"This is seriously delicious, Stefi.  You nailed it."  Connor spoke with a mouth full of food.

"I don't mind to take the second round."  Toby joined.  Of course, it's Toby and foods.

"Thanks guys.  Appreciate it.  Hey Ri, say something, is it good?"  I looked over him.  

He stayed silent, swallowing his whole dish, and took some more from my plate.  "It's horrible."

"Stop mumbling with that plain face, dude."  I tickled him.  So happy to see these boys loving my dishes.

We spent some quality time together until afternoon, and drove to Starbucks again, of course.  Riley asked me to sleepover tonight, but I remember that Dad would be arrive in Orlando by 9 pm.  I have to wait for him.

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