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He helped me to get down with the ladder, its our garden ladder gladly no one saw us or else and thank God my dad wasn't home yet I haven't seen him all day.

"So you ready?" He asked with a big smile and I smiled back as I enter his car.

"For the million time yes" I said with a giggle ,He chuckle as he started the car, He still manage to look hot even if he is wearing Nirvana ripped shirt and a black skinny jeans.

"Do I look okay?" He suddenly asked, I'm guessing he catches my staring, I mean who wouldn't stare at him he is freaking Sex God and he is taking me out on a date I can't believe I really feel like I'm a girl. I've been crushing on his for about two months and now here I am sitting on his car with Skater Boy driving biting his lip really want me to kiss him. What does it really feel of kissing Luke? Does his lips were soft yet firm or rough? I really want to kiss him si badly but if I kiss him he might think I'm quite desperate eventhough I act one now cause I want to kiss him. The way his legs pushes the brake really turns me on he really have the hot legs God really takes time to do this kind of creature he is the most perfect I even write a song about him did I all tell you that? Its title was 'He Looks So Perfect'.

"Ashton? Ashton!" I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard my name and I saw Luke was looking at me and the car was already stopped.

"You zoned out" He said and I looked down at embarrassment as I felt my cheeks burned up.

"Don't hide your beautiful face baby.." As I looked at up with a small smile on my face

"Aww my blushy boy" I even blush at his nickname he kept killing me so bad.

"are we already here?" I asked and He nodded as he open the door and I opened mine but he stop me "Wait for me baby I'm going to open the door for you" I want to say no cause I'm a guy also and I shouldn't be treated like a girl but I can't think clearly like he controls me.

I waited for him as he open the door and held out a hand that I gladly took "You know you're making me feel like a girl Skater Boy" I said as he chuckle

"Well that's okay for me My Lady" He said with a winked and I saw we are in a carnival its so big and great.

"Carnival really?" I asked with a smile then he looked at me.

"You don't like it? I just can't afford Restaurants this is only I can afford I'm sorry" He sadly said and I looked at him then my body did something I hadn't expected I hugged him he looked quite surprise but he hugged back.

"Its perfect this is my dream date you know" I honestly said and sighed in relief as we let go of the hugged and he took my hand and we entered the carnival. Holding his hand was perfect his hand were so soft it sends me tingles through my veins, butterflies erupted my stomach, fireworks on my body. He looked happy as we ran inside it really makes me happy True Love really exist.

Many people were now having fun, Many couples already kissing, Many kids were now playing. We stopped as we saw guys were looking at us in disgust I just looked down to not get into trouble.

"Have a problem?" Luke growled making the boys ran off. Is he really that scary? To me He looked like an angel not a devil.

"Come on Luke" I said and he nodded then dragged me to a photo booth near the ferris wheel and i'm excited to ride roller coasters.

"Come on let's take a picture" He said as we entered the booth and he placed coins on the coin box as we started 1. We both smiled 2. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders 3. I looked at him 4. He started to lean in 5. Our faces were now close 6. Our lips touch 7. Our lips move in sync 8. His tongue enter my mouth and its freaking hot 9. He pulled away 10. I looked shocked cause I just kissed him.

We got out from the booth and He smiled at me "That was unexpected" He said as he took the pictures he gave me the first five while the other five photos was to him.

"Really was" I said looking at the pictures

"Did you like it?" He asked and I looked at him I bite my lip as I answered "Yes of course it was my first my kiss, I like really it I like you so much I can still your lips by the way did you like it?"

"Yea yea I like it, I was asking about the photos though" I looked at him with wide eyes as I looked down and a blush creep on my face I really embarrassing myself in front of him.

"Kidding. I'm glad you like and I'm your first kiss Blushy Boy now looked at me with your beautiful eyes baby" baby many times he said that to me and its turn on its sends me weird feeling down the lower region.

"Come on let's go to the ferris wheel" He said as he dragged me to the ride.

"Here are you tickets" The woman said as she handed Skater Boy the tickets. Once we got in to the ferris wheel it already started he intertwine our hands and I looked at him with a blush on my face and I'm starting to see the whole city, It was beautiful.

"Hey Ash" He said and I felt he squeeze our hands together.

"Hey" I said softly, He looked at me in the eyes even if its slightly dark I can still see his blue eyes.

"Even though I'm just a poor guy and your fucking rich I'm not going to give up, Even though I'm known as the Gangster or the Punk of the school I'm not going to give up cause I know True Love exist I liked you since the first we bumped into each other and you took care of my wound I already liked you."

"I remember I work as a singer at a bar just to have money so I could buy a necklace then I'm scared that your straight so I asked Harry to give it to you, and then I bought you flowers right."

"Then I saw you with Michael, you two were having fun I told harry I want to give up cause I don't have a chance on you but then we saw you asking for the necklace and it gave me another hope."

"Well I'm glad you haven't give up Skater Boy" I said looking at him as the ferris wheel was now going down.

"Will be you mine Ashton Irwin?" He asked and I smiled I felt my eyes watered.

"Yes, My Skater Boy" I said and I hugged him tightly and he hugged back. "Are you crying?" He asked and I shook my head

"True Love Tears Luke" I said

We eated but this time I paid for our meal he refused but I told him that we are now boyfriends so its okay now. He took my home, I'm gladly no one caught us still. I lay on my bed thinking about what happen I touch my lips I remember our kiss, He had the pictures of us kissing. We are now together. But the problem is my Dad, Michael I know this a big big trouble but on the bright side,

Skater Boy is finally my Boyfriend its so fast but I think its worth it.


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