The smell of sweat drenched the training room, Clint and Natasha were training in combat and so far, the damage was even.
Clint would go to throw a punch and Natasha would collect it & twist his arm, but as she would do that he could kick her as she spun around him avoiding the beat.
"Your quite spry for a newbie..." Clint remarked holding up his guard,
"Newbie? Thought you knew, I've done this for years." Natasha replied a little out of breath as she punched him in the ribs and kicked his legs out from underneath him.
Clint smirked back taking a strike to her hip,
"I was testing you." He answered going to help pull her up off the ground but instead Natasha bent his arm back and she spun her way back up,
"Test that!" She chuckled, Clint nodded,
"I'm impressed, but that actually really hurt." Clint ran his fingers around his wrist,
"I use that hand to shoot you know... Arrow's are my practically my life!" Natasha smirked,
"Whats the point of training if you don't learn from the best." Natasha replied back, Clint sat down taking a guzzle from his water bottle,
"Oh I think I've learnt enough for today..." Clint finalized.
Natasha unwrapped her bands that protected her from injuring her hands and wrists; she thought back to those three nights ago when she released her feelings and slept with Clint, since then they haven't talked about that night but they've expanded on their some-what of a relationship.
"Agent Romanoff report to Director Fury's office immediately." A feminine voice spoke into Natasha's ear, her ear Communicator was given to her the day Clint and Natasha returned from Budapest, she was both punished and praised, her punishment being she couldnt be let out of SHIELD without authorization for 2 months and her praise being she was able to move up a level and gain access to ear communicators.
"Copy that." Natasha spoke back gently pressing her finger against the piece of technology.
"Ive been summonded by the great forces for a new mission." Natasha said to Clint in her best English accent.
"That was terrible." Clint chuckled using a towel to wipe away some sweat, Natasha smiled back before picking up her things and going to leave.
"See you soon." Natasha stated, Clint nodded,
"See you soon."

Natasha silkily greeted Fury her voice low and a sly smirk on her face,
"What is required of me today..." Natasha purred her voice poisonous,
"Save it Agent Romanoff, I know your trying to manipulate me but I need you to fulfil this mission, your the best person we know who can... Conquer this type of mission." Natasha suddenly stood still her face expressionless but her eyes held the memory of the guy with the metal arm and her ex boss. What did he want her to do this time?
"We need you to go undercover and bring back this person... Alive." Fury said showing Natasha the guys file with his picture and some personal details about his identity.
"So you want me to seduce him?" Natasha said hesitantly slowly looking up from the file, Fury nodded,
"If thats what it takes to bring him back alive... He is under arrest and required for questioning." Natasha nodded already regretting taking on the mission,
"Head to the bridge for briefing and to collect your under cover uniform." Fury finalized as he released Natasha.
There was a devastating gut feeling about this mission, it made Black Widow's stomach flutter and her head spin a little but Natasha would push on as now this was her home... And Black Widow felt she needed to pull her weight to suffice the requirements of being 'adopted,' by those around her who were not yet accepting of her ways.

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