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On this special mission we were in San Antonio Texas. The only thing that attracted me here was-of course- the five unknown murders in the Emily morgen hotel. And the one thing that attracted Dean-was of course: the city's culture for being famous for strip clubs.

Not amused.

But thankfully Dean is taking this seriously. We would have done more research at the motel we were staying at 5 miles away from the city, but we thought we would do research in the hotel it self.

When we walked in our eyes were given bliss. We have never seen such decor. Even though neither of us have an eye for it, it was still pleasing.

"I'm going to get is checked in." Said Dean.

I nodded my head as he when to the front desk. I looked around thinking how could this place be so haunted if it's so beautiful? The important question for me was: why do people still stay here even though there where 5 murders? I guess we will find out.

I looked out the window and saw an old building that was only one story high. People were walking in and out of the building like it was a big deal. I looked within the entrance and saw cannons, it must have been a fort?

"That is the Alamo." Said a complete male stranger. "It's how Texas defended themselves from Spain."

I nodded my head unaware of what to say. He continued "sorry, I thought you wanted to know."

I shook my head "no, it's not trouble. Actually, if you could tell me some history: what do you know about this hotel."

I turned to him, he was in a suit and tie. Business?

The man thought then said "well, this hotel used to be a hospital in the 40's, but they had to shut it down due to a weird disease that made you crazy."

I nodded my head "thats actually quite interesting. Any more... Fun facts?"

The man shook his head "nope, that's all I can give. Will I see you around this hotel?"

I nodded my head again "yeah, my brother is checking us in."

"How long are you staying?" He asked.

"As long as business needs us." I said delightfully.

He held out his hand and said "then I'll see you around."

I shook his hand saying "indeed."

Then he left.

I didn't really want to 'see him around'. He was just being nice, and I was willing to play along.

I looked at the 'Alamo'- as they called it, and saw something across the street. It was a girl standing, and staring. Her hair was just like my dream. Am I dreaming? She held her hand up to wave.

She was looking at me?

I held my hand up in an awkward way not even waving.

"Who's your new boyfriend?" Asked Dean, startling me.

I jumped turning to him. He reacted to my jump giving me a weird look. He was about to say something ass-like, but I interrupted him by saying "he just told me a very interesting fact about the hotel."

"Which is?" Said Dean.

I looked behind me expecting the girl, but she wasn't there. I stuttered a little bit trying to explain about the fact I just heard, but I was distracted.

Finally I ignored it, and decided that it was my imagination.

I turned to Dean and said "this place used to be a hospital, and it shut down from a disease that made you crazy."

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