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A/N: This part is PG-13. It’s about how our main character died.


I’m Kris. Kris Leighton. I died at a young age after I was brutally murdered by a stranger who intruded our home. But I didn’t die for nothing. My parents had to go outside of town to sign some papers for our land for it wasn’t fully paid yet so my little brother, Cole, and I were left alone at the house. We were having a fine time enjoying each other’s company until a criminal broke into our home. He was wearing nothing but black clothing and a black mask. He was crashing our house and cussed so many words that I have to cover Cole’s ear to prevent hearing foul languages. Then out of nowhere, he rushed towards us, pointing us with his dagger and threatening me and my brother.

As I hear Cole’s cries, I know I’m gonna do something stupid to this situation. I have to be brave and protect my dear sibling. I pulled Cole behind me. He clutched on my shirt. The man in black started slashing his dagger to me, I dodge at every move.

I try my best to prevent his attacks. At what I thought was the right time, I dashed to him and gripped on his hand which held the dagger. I deepen my nails to his hand, thinking he would let go. But it was a mistake. He has a knife on his belt, taking it out with his other hand and looked me in the eye. My eyes were filled with terror, I couldn’t move. I was frozen in place knowing I have no other possible moves to prevent future attacks. I was cornered and no idea came to my mind.

I knew that in matter of moments, this man is going to kill me. He grinned at me, “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Wrong move sweetheart.” he laughed, menacingly. The smell of alcohol coming from his mouth spreads to my face. I squint my eyes and mouth shut and stopped breathing for a few seconds, not wanting to smell any of his disgusting breath.

I opened my eyes and mouth again and I yelled “Run!” to my little brother. He runs outside and started calling for help. As those words came out of my mouth, I felt a sharp pain on my stomach. I lost myself and fell to the floor, holding unto my stomach as I felt thick liquid gushing out of me. He got down to me then I felt a couple stabs at my back and slices on my arms. As if it wasn’t enough for this devil, he punched me over and over again. I hear sirens outside and cars stopping along with its wheels screeching in front. I hear men and the loud thuds of their footsteps.

“Philippine Nation Police! someone yelled.Let them go or there will be consequences!” he adds, shouting through a megaphone. I hear their guns loaded and probably must be pointing at the house, for I heard as they were about to pull their gun’s trigger. The man got off me, almost losing his balance.

“Let them go or we will shoot!” the man yelled again. Everything was getting blurry. I have lost so much blood. This is the end. This is how it. I can finally join him. But I did manage to save my brother from the man. I got weaker and weaker; the pain is starting to fade as I closed my eyes shut, forever.

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