The Fairness In Death

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Hi guys! Ready for another chapter? I hope, since the following chapter might get a bit more emotional than usual. Oh and just wanna say... WERE ALMOST TO THE ENDING!!!

Okay so in 3...2...1...


Red died trying to save the world again... Joke! XD it's just a joke! T^T you didn't need to kill me!


(Note: Please re-read chapter "Weather You Like It Or Not" I had a few changes, if you don't, confusion would surely be caused in this chapter for you)

The gun shot was heard and it echoed through the halls lit by moonlight. At the end of one hall, a familiar group of teenagers had their ears flinched to the direction.

"What was that?" Blue ask, silence filled the air as each one of them wondered what it might be, they knew it was a bullet, but they didn't want to know why they used a bullet. Green had his eyes fixed on the halls, he spoke "I don't know, but we should check"

Their all nodded in agreement before footsteps clamped against the cemented floor as they ran towards the direction of the gun fire. They were going fast. Very fast. Afraid that maybe their missing something.

Soon, they reached a clearing, a dead end clearing. At the middle there was no one but a certain trio.

Two standing. One dead

"D-Diamond" Platinum stuttered out as her eyes turned watery. She crawled towards the limp boy, ignoring the dirt on the floor and her blood stained face.

"Diamond, wake up, please be okay, Dia" Platinum no longer hold her straight face, instead it was messy with overflowing tears and uncontrollable sobs

The body stayed lifeless as she began to bawl, Pearl snapped out from him sudden shock and ran towards the boy before dropping beside him

"Dia! Please wake up! Diamond! Wake up now!" He exclaimed at him, fresh tears poured down his face like a waterfall and his hair was sticking around by sweat. His orange eyes barely visible through his lemon blond hair.

"Diamond please wake up" Pearl slammed his hands on the floor before he bowed down to hide his weak side "Please, please say your Poka~ye"

Pearl weeped on his best friends pale body, even through death, he still serves as a shoulder to cry on. 'True friends wouldn't say goodbye'

Green forced himself to walk over them, he glanced at the boys dead body before looking away 'Red, where the hell are you right now?'

"What happened here?" Blue asked, she understood the situation that they he's dead, but she couldn't understand how or why. Why does it have to happen to him. Why does it have to happen to them. 'To Us'

Gold looked at Diamond, he was curious, all of them were. But they kept their mouths shut and prayed for the boy. 'This is unfair! Death is unfair!'

'He didn't deserve death'


"Come on, we have to go" After minutes of silence for the duo and their lost. Black decided it was time to leave. But the (now a) duo refused

"We can't just leave Dia here, he doesn't deserve to rot in this hell hole" Pearl choked out. Soon his cheeks were streamed with dirt and tears again as he sobbed on the dead boys body.

"I'm so sorry, Dia! I'm so sorry! If I didn't go and attack Bronze so suddenly you would have still been alive! You would have still see us smiling when we get out of this d*mn castle! You would have been here! Right now! Eating your donut!" Pearl paused, his whole body now shaking "I'm so f*****g sorry, it was all my fault"

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