Free House*

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▲Peterick BoyxBoy-Patrick Stump&Pete Wentz▲

△!WARNING SMUT! (Obviously). This is also my first time writing it, so sorry if its bad. Ily△

Also read this in the narrators voice of 'Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is life' because I did.

*I have so much regret for this, I was 14 what's wrong with me?  

Just one big fuck fest


My heart danced with the butterflies in my stomach as he reached around my front, his fingers playing with the hem of my top. I didn't need to ask what he was doing because I knew, and I wasn't going to stop him either. I let his hands caress my torso from under my shirt, his feather touch made me weak at the knees. He planted warm breathed kisses along my nape of my neck, his soft lips working their way to my jaw. My body shivered in response as he spun me around to face his lustre's honeycomb eyes.

He formed a firm grip on my back as he pulled me closer to his body, I could feel his chest rise and fall against my own. Our hearts beating as one. My hands made their way to his neck as I traced patterns in the cotton of his shirt, I secretly yearned for him to take it off. I stared into his wandering orbs, their gaze landing subtly on my lips. I bit them in anticipation as pulled me ever so closer. I tightened my hold on his neck and copied his moves, his eyes looked deep into mine before fluttering closed. I took the hint and leaned forward, shutting my eyes in the process.

I felt our lips brush lightly but I needed more. I forcefully locked my lips around his and he immediately reacted by pushing me against the counter. His mouth played against mine, soft yet firm movements as he bit playfully on my lip for entrance. I let him slip his tongue in and I returned the favour, they moved together lustfully. He ran the tip of his tongue along the roof of my mouth, earning a light moan from me. I felt him smile, obviously happy at what he achieved.

I smiled back but faltered when he moved one hand between us to grope at my tightening jeans. I let another moan slip out into his mouth, this time louder than before. His hand worked at the fabric creating friction I couldn't stand, I needed them off so badly. He continued as I squirmed under his touch, moans and gasps flowing frequently. Our make out session grew more intense as he ground himself against my growing erection. I stopped kissing him and gasped again into the free air.

"Should we take this upstairs, or-?" Pete asked oh so seductively whilst littering my neck with love bites. In my euphoric state I shook my head and pointed to where we stood. The kitchen. He giggled causing vibrations to pulse through my skin, his kisses trailed to my chin and he caught my lips once more. I pushed into him like a desperate prostitute, I felt so dirty doing 'the deed' here but I couldn't wait. I needed Pete. I needed him so much, I can't even express the longing in words.

I tugged on the back of his shirt and he knowingly stepped back to take it off. My eyes scanned his tanned ripped features etched with ink, his thorn necklace right down to his Clandestine bat logo that sat on his waistline. So beautiful. I stepped forward leaned him against the opposite worktop, his eyes were wide and deep as I traced his thorn necklace with my tongue; biting down here and there which earned me a moan from his lips. I knew his collarbones were very sensitive, so I took that to my advantage as well, nipping and sucking them too. He shivered under my touch when I ran my hands down his sides, stopping on his hips.

He watched me deliver kisses down his chest, across his stomach and to his bat tattoo, he writhed as I tentatively prolonged my kiss there. My fingers looped around his belt as I sucked on his tattoo, the belt slid free and I dropped it to the ground. Pete pulled me back up and titled my chin to look at him, he searched my eyes before leaning in to kiss me once more. I eagerly kissed back, one hand around the back of his neck, the other successfully undoing his jeans. He stripped them off effortlessly without breaking our bond. I pushed my crotch into his, he groaned into my lips and ground ourselves together.

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