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"Luhan! you need to come here! right now!!" Kris shouted. The giant was panicking. Someone has called, saying his 'son', Sehun was found dead, hanging on a tree.

"Why?! What happened?!" Luhan asked. The latter was full of worry. He knew something was wrong. Kris will never shout that loud when nothing's wrong or urgent.

"Someone called..." Kris said, trailing off with a worried voice. With this, he had called the attention of everyone in the dorm.

"What did that someone say?" Suho asked full of curiosity.

"Sehun's dead"


The whole dorm was going upside down with the sudden news.

Everyone's going crazy, going here and there, searching for a letter or something that could explain what is happening in sehun's things. Everyone is worried.. Kris is speed searching the place for his car keys. What a clumsy giant. Suho thought.

"I found them! Let's go!!" Luhan shouted.

Everyone ran to the car with luhan already starting the engine.

"Hurry up!!"

And with that, the last of them came in slammed the door shut as luhan drove deadly fast to the site.


"I loved you hyung.. But i'm too tired already.. of everything. Didn't you love me too? you do right? Or is it always Xiumin hyung? You love him right? You still do.. Even from the start." I said as tears fell. I wiped them out and laid the recorder on the tripod i bought with me. I angled it upwards so it could see me.

"I cared for you hyung.. but all you did was Xiumin this.. Xiumin that.. Did you ever cared for me too? It hurts so much hyung. And maybe this is the best thing to do. Maybe you'll be happy without me. Besides, your happiness is my happiness too. So always be happy for me okay?" I smiled weakly at the camera.

"I love you hyung, I always will.. Till we see each other again." I smiled..

This is it. I thought to myself. I brought out the knife i brought and gently cut it on my wrist repeatedly.

I tied the rope on the branch of the tree and prepared.

"I'm so Sorry hyung.." I said as I tied the rope on my neck and jumped off. I winced in pain but with the last of my breath I got to say.. "I love you hyung, Goodbye"


We're silently walking towards the site with a help of the one who called.

"We cut the rope already the moment we saw him. He was still alive, but had no chance of survival anymore since he also had multiple cuts on his wrists and a slightly broken neck.We tried calling for help but he stopped us and gave us this letter with a picture. I believe its for someone called Luhan?" He said.

I raised my hand, getting weaker as i approached the man. I saw what he was holding. It was Sehun's suicide letter, with the last picture of us together. He did this because of me.. Why, Sehun.. Why?

Still on focus on finding Sehun, I kept the letter in my pocket as we continued walking.

"Taehyung hyung!!!" The man called as Baekhyun covered my eyes.

"Baek! stop covering my eyes!" I complained, wanting to see what happened.

"Shh.. we're here.." Baekhyun whispered with a shaky voice..

I know that he did not like what he saw. It would be rare for him to cry.. But he kept covering my eyes as i heard sobs and cries for sehun to wake up around me. I forcefully removed Baekhyun's hand off my eyes as he started crying uncontrollably. I went to see what was happening and what i saw tore my whole heart apart.

It was Sehun, laying lifeless on Kris and Suho's arms. He had multiple cuts on his arms and his neck was blood red.. Why did he do this?

I broke down at the site.. I didn't know what to do.. My head was hurting.. My world was spinning.

"NO SEHUN NO!!" I shouted with full might as i ran towards his body pushing Kris and Suho off him.

I cradled him in my arms and finally lost my sanity.. "You'll wake up right?" I desperately said.

"Sehunnie will wake up~ The white puppy will smile again to his deer~" I sang.

"Sehunnie isn't gone.. He's just sleeping!!" I said as i pretended to laugh.

"I already called an ambulance." Kris said. An ambulance!! It means he's still alive right?

"An ambulance? He's still alive!!" I happily exclaimed.

"See? You're still alive Sehunnie. wake up now.."

"Luhan stop this!!" Kyungsoo cried. Stop? Stop what?

"Stop what? I'm just trying to wake up Sehunnie." I replied. Sehunnie is just sleeping. He'll wake up.

"Luhan stop this, he's dead already!" Chanyeol shouted.

"No He's just sleeping!!!"

"No Luhan! He's dead!"

"He's just sleeping!! He'll wake up!! He won't leave me! Never! He promised me!"

I hugged his body tighter. I'll never let you go Oh Sehun.. Please wake up now..


"Here's the things he had when we found him. There's also a recorder there, he might have recorder something for you. By the way, I'm Jungkook and this is Taehyung." The man said.

I politely said thank you and switched the recorder on. I found the video and clicked play. It was Sehun. Before he did this.

"Hi Hyung."


"My Luhan-hyung.."

Sehun cried out. I quickly turned it off. It's not for me to see, and not for Luhan to see alone. We'll watch this all together when we get back at the dorm.

The ambulance came and helped the paramedics to get Sehun off Luhan. Poor Luhan-hyung. He never saw it coming. And if Sehunnie only knew, he wouldn't do this, He would understand everything.. But Luhan was so dumb and kept his pride high, know he lost his sanity over the loss of his 'bestfriend'.

"NO!! SEHUN WILL WAKE UP!! MY BESTFRIEND WILL NEVER LEAVE ME!!!" Oh Luhan.. Why are you too dumb to realise what you've lost?

Baekhyun's POV

The paramedics and Kris just successfully took Sehun away from Luhan and immediately went to talk to Suho.

Chanyeol's here by my side, comforting me. It still hurts. So bad. I was the last person he talked to before he went out the dorm. I should've known that he had a problem. By his looks, I should've asked him. This wouldn't have happen if i just stopped him and talked it out.

"Baek, stop it. Its not your fault." Chanyeol said, hugging me. I just cried harder.

"I should've stopped him yeol! I should've!" I cried. Sehunnie.. Mianhae! He would still be alive if i have stopped him..

"Its not your fault! He just had a problem!"

"That's the reason Yeol! I knew he had a problem and what did i do?! I just let him go without thinking of what could happen! Why? because i was so stupid! I couldn't even stop him and talk to him about it!" I couldn't stop myself from crying harder.. Chanyeol just stood silent, hugging me tighter.

"Our Baby Maknae is gone. Sehunnie is gone.."

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