Coach gave me the worst news ever!

She said my grade in biology is a B- and one more bad grade could drop it to a C and I'll be suspended from the squad until I can get it all the way to an A. I think she just wants me to do best because she knows if I change my mind about being a cheerleader then I'll always become something else successful.

So she suggested a peer tutor. Coach Jackson already talked to my parents about this. My mom even agreed with her. I can't have a tutor or its going to drop my popularity level down by a lot. Okay, no it won't because my family are one of the richest people in the state, I'm head cheerleader, and dating the quarter back so...

But, if I'm not head cheerleader and Luke decides to break up with me then... I'll still be popular because I'm rich and people know who my parents are. Oh great. Eh, what can I say? I was born into popularity.

I walk into my art class as soon as the bell rings and since my teacher is some seventies hippie she doesn't seem to mind I'm not in my seat as soon as the bell rings like the other teachers.

I take the last seat left which is all the way in the back. If Ashton didn't stop me before class I wouldn't be in the back where all the freaks seat. Gwen, my teacher, was explaining what we were doing today.

"Ill be giving you all partners and you have to draw your partner. But you have to be creative with it," Gwen says.

I look around the class to see everyone has found a partner. But me, and well the guy sitting next to me of course.

"Calum, do you want to be my partner?" I ask. He looks up at me kinda surprised. I look at the paper on his desk and its a beautiful drawing of a sunset.

"U-uh, I c-can't," he stutters. Is he scared that I'm going to kill him with a paint brush?

"Why not?"

"Because Luke will-" he cuts himself off and goes back to drawing as if he said nothing.

"What did Luke say to you?" I question.

"Nothing important."

"Tell me or I'll ask Luke myself."

"He said that if I come near you or talk to you ever again he's going to hurt me."

"He can't hurt you if we're kinda forced to be partners and I won't let him." I tell him.

"Okay, fine but if he still comes after me I'm suing you." he jokes. I laugh and he blushes. He's kinda cute.


Standing on top of the human pyramid didn't feel safe. One of the girls were shaking and I think it was the girl right under me to my left. I stop thinking about it only to lose balance.

The other cheerleaders doing stunts off to the side are to busy to notice me and by the time Coach notices me I'm already on the ground.

"Dani, are you alright? Did you break anything? We need to get you to the hospital now!" Coach Jackson panics. A few years ago we lost a competition because one of the girls on top of the pyramid was starving herself because all her friends were on a "diet". She went into a coma because she was dehydrated so when she was up I nthe air she felt dizzy. And you know... She fell. Coach has never forgittrn that and I don't know if she will.

"I think I broke my arm." I tell her and wince when she touches it to check it out. Cassidy and Jackie offer to drive me to the hospital so I can get a cast.

Breaking my arm means no cheering for about six weeks until my arm heals. No cheering means I have to pay more attention to school. Paying more attention to school means I have to learn and study. And that means I might as well quit the squad and become a nerd.

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