Its Slowly Coming Back

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Song For The Chapter:"All That Matters" Justin Bieber

*Nikki's POV*

Austin's stuck to his promise for the last few days. He hasn't left my bedside for any reason at all. Its actually kinda sweet, but I feel like I'm holding up his career. I've even tried to make him go to the studio but he won't budge.

For the last few days, my memory has gotten a lot better, but the last thing I remember is being the U Girl at Austin's concert. As for Austin, he sits on his phone, talking with mahomies from time to time on twitter and instagram.

"Hey, Austin?" when I said this he immediately snapped out of his phone.

"Yeah babe?"he said full of concern.

"Um, do the mahomies know about us? Like the whole relationship thing."I asked, kinda scared of his answer cause the last thing I need in my recovery is mahomie hate. They can get vicious. I know cause I'm one of them.

"Well, no but if you want me to tell them I can.".

I sat thinking for a second. "Do I want them to know? Would they hate me? Is it good for Austin's image?" I thought.

"Well, no. I don't wanna mess anything up."I said nervously.

"Mess what up? You could never mess anything up baby."he assured me.

After that he turned to his phone, opening his front camera. He hoped in the bed with me and wrapped his arm around me."Smile." he said putting his lips to my cheek.

He snapped the picture and then started typing. I couldn't see what he was sayinh nor where he was posting the picture. He finished up and turned to me. "Check your instagram."he said with excitement.

I groaned but I reached out and grabbed my phone and unlocked it and opened up instagram. In my notifications was the picture that Austin just took with a caption that read: "You see this girl right here? This is my amazing, sweet, loving, and beautiful girlfriend. Her name is Nikki and she's in the hospital right now. What I need all my mahomies to do I follow her @Nicole_Bell18 and wish her luck in her recovery. Please do this for me because I Love Her. Shhh....don't tell her I said that. I love you guys so much and thank you. #MahomiesGoHardest.

As I read this my eyes began to fill with tears. But they were tears of joy. I turned to Austin to find him with the biggest smile on his face, but as soon as he saw my tears, that smile faded and he wrapped his arms around me.

"Baby, don't cry."he said worrily.

"I'm just so happy."my now shaking. The tears started to stop as Austin rubbed my back.

Just then the nurse opened the door. "Oh I'm sorry. Is this a bad time?"she asked.

"Oh, no. What's going on?" I said wiping my face of the tears.

"Well, the doctors have reviewed your final observations and they have cleared you to go home. Your memory seems to be coming back gradually and you show no more signs of possible concussions."she said with a big smile.

"Oh my god! I really get to go home?!! I can't wait to see my dad!"I said full of joy and excitement.

"Well ill be back in a few minutes with your discharge papers. Gather your things."the nurse said as she exited the room.

I looked at Austin and he looked happy but I could tell something was on his mind. "Whatcha thinkin bout?"I asked. He looked at me while both of our smiles faded."Um, see ...the thing witb your dad is....its complicated." he struggled to find his words.

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