Entering the room, Christina froze. All their things were scattered around the floor.

“Oh my God!” – Christina screamed. “We’ve gotta call the police”

 Adam nodded: “Yes, it’s already gone too far”


The police arrived 15 minutes later. Three tall, square-built men started giving questions to Adam, while a girl walked around the room, sometimes approached Christina, sitting on the bed and asked some questions.

To be honest, Christina was too scared! The man who does these fucking things still follows them to there! And they didn’t even tell anyone they were going to Cuba...Though…wait! Christina didn’t tell…but…what about Adam? She decided to ask him about it as soon as the police-men leave.

“So Blake, Usher and the producer?”

“ Yeah , it was necessary to take time off from "The Voice", - Adam shrugged.

Christina fell back to her thoughts… Blake and Usher are very charming and good guys , and at the bottom of the there is no reason for this. But the producer...

A fat woman, 35-36 years old, named Ariana…She was always jealous of Christina. Well, at least, maybe it just seemed her?  And also she was constantly flirting with Adam. Perhaps she could do such a thing.

“Any ideas?” Adam asked.

“ Yes, I think it's Ariana” Christina was not sure, but who else?

“Ariana?” – Adam grinned. It was funny. Why would Christina think so? “And I think Blake ... You saw the way he looks at you?” – Adam teased.

“But I think he is very cute ... And never flirts, unlike Ariana.”

Adam laughed.

“Chris, men flirt differently. They do not know how to do it ... But you had to see how Blake was looking at you! He’s another girl, he’s not like us…”

“Are you jealous? – Christina grinned, -“at least for me he’s just like a friend.

Adam dropped his eyes in embarrassment.

“Come on ... And we will check our theory?” – Christina’s face became serious again.

“I do not know. We’ve got somehow catch this man doing his dark business... Maybe it’s…maybe it’s a fan and…” Christina shrugged. This, she did not even think about this!

“Whatever” – Adam smiled “It’s late, let’s go to bed okay? I promise tomorrow’s gonna be a better day” –Adam said, kissing Christina. Although little did he know that this wasn’t that kind of promise to come true.

After preparing for the bed, they made their way to the bedroom and lied there. Not longer but 5 minutes later Christina was already deeply asleep. Adam’s case was another. He couldn’t sleep. He was too affected to know who was that one. Thinking in Blake and Usher, he remembered something that brought him back to his senses.


Adam was walking down the hall, in a time that they were shooting the voice, when he heard two familiar voices in Blake's dressing room discussing something. He followed the sound and stopped at the door, while they still continued talking:

"What is this? Shakira was better. Much better. And...Adam is crazy for this Christina...t's so annoying. I always felt there would be something between but...This?" Blake says to Usher.

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