London's Bad Girl: Chapter 14: I Came Out To Have A Good TIme And I Honestly Feel So Attacked Right Now.

“How do we get up there?” I screamed as I spun around to stare at the three stunned faces behind me.
“I don't know!” Skylar screamed, her hands running through her hair as she thought.
“C'mon,” Drew ordered. 

Drew took off into the house, me following closely behind along with Louis and Skylar. Drew ran towards his left, pushing spider webs out of his way as he opened a door towards the stairs. Climbing each stair at the speed of light, we were soon at a door that read rooftop. “Open it!” Louis yelled.
“I'm trying! It's locked!” Drew screamed back. 

I walked towards Drew, pushing him to the side as I tried the door. Giving up, I stood back and kicked my foot through the small window above the handle. Glass shattered, leaving a few cuts on my skin, but I quickly forgot about that as my hand reached through the window and tried to find the lock. “I can't reach!” I groaned.
“Let me try,” Louis pushed me out of the way. I watched as he stuck his arm through the window before a small click echoed in the hallway. “Got it!” He yanked the door open, walking onto the roof in search for my brother. 

“Jacob!” I screamed as I walked around the roof top.
“I see him!” Skylar screamed from my left. 

I ran over towards her, staring down at my brother lying on the ground. “I don't think he's breathing,” Skylar whispered. I felt a tear slip down my right cheek as I stared at her. Slowly walking towards my brother before leaning down and feeling for a pulse. “There's no pulse,” I stuttered. He was laying on the ground, one hand hanging over the edge and his head was covered with a black bag. “Wait,” I paused. I walked over towards the black bag, ripping it off of his head before my shoulders slumped. 

“It's not Jacob,” I sighed. Although, I was far from relieved, I felt a small weight being lifted from my shoulders.
“Then he's a dud,” Drew muttered.
“This must be a trap,” Skylar whispered. 

She slowly grabbed my arm, pulling me away from the edge of the roof top and towards the boys.
“What type of trap? There's no one up here?” Louis asked.
“Maybe they thought we'd leave the laptop in the apartment,” Drew thought aloud.
“No, they probably assumed we wouldn't leave something like that up there,” Skylar shook her head.
“Well we can't just stay up here and patiently wait for them to attack us,” I stated. 

I began to walk towards the door, grasping onto the handle before a loud scream left my lips.
“What's wrong!” Drew ran over towards me.
“The handle just burned my hand,” I winced.

Drew reached in front of me and grabbed the handle, before quickly pulling back.
“Did you not believe me or something?” I sarcastically asked.
“Why's it so hot?” Drew ignored me.
“Open it with your foot,” Louis suggested. 

Skylar lifted up her leg, her foot pushing down onto the handle as Louis kicked the door open. Smoke poured onto the roof top, causing the four of us to start coughing.
“Is the apartment on fire?” I asked, trying to breath through my shirt.
“No, I think just the stairs,” Drew replied.
“They were waiting for us to come up here, they're trapping us,” Skylar coughed.
“Well how do we get out?” I asked worriedly.
“We can't jump it's too high,” Louis shook his head.  
“We can try to crawl through the smoke until we reach the first floor?” Drew suggested.
“C'mon,” I muttered. 

I got down onto my hands and knees, my shirt pulled up over my nose and mouth as I began to crawl down the stairs. The smoke began to burn my eyes, causing me to tightly close them, hoping that I wouldn't fall down the stairs. “Just exit on the first floor you see!” Drew called out to me. I nodded to my self, my eyes opening slightly to see where I am. “Over here!” I screamed, running over to the door marked 42D. “It's locked!” I screamed angrily.
“Is there a window?” Skylar asked hopefully.
“It's too small!” I called back.
“On four we all kick alright,” Drew ordered.
“1-2-3-4!” On four the four of us kicked the door as hard as we could, causing it to dent and open slightly. “Push!” Drew ordered. We followed directions well as we pushed onto the door.
“It's open!” Louis smiled. We gave it one more push so the four of us could fit inside.
“Close the door,” I ordered. 

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