There he is again, the little weird kid. He sits in the corner mumbling nonsense while clutching a white and brown stuffed shepard dog. Was he one of those crazy people who talks to their stuffed animals? Maybe, but if he was crazy, they'd never let him go to highschool, so that disproves my theory, or well, everybody else's.

The kid was short, compared to everyone else, but so am I. He had a floppy, jet black Mohawk, the sides of his head looked newly shaven, he wore red eyeliner that was smudged well. His eyes were a hazel kind of color but they were either, facing someone who terrifies him, or looking at the dog, sometimes just the ground. He wore the school uniform, which is just a white blouse and a red tie, he wore black skinny jeans and fingerless gloves to go along with the look.

I don't know why, but this guy interested me, maybe it was because he doesn't talk or he looks kinda cool, maybe even sad and lonely. I didn't know his name but recent 'accidents' showed he knew mine.


I walked along the corridor, my head was facing downwards and my earphones were shoved in my ears, exploding music that was surely going to deafen me. I was well aware though, I saw Pete Wentz kick Ben Bruce for calling Patrick Stump gay, but little did anyone know, was that Ben was gay himself. I knew though.

I saw Hayley Williams shamelessly flirt with Billie-Joe Armstrong whilst her boyfriend, Tre Cool, was walking around the corner.

I even saw Mikey Way, my brother, point and laugh at me as he and his friends called me an 'Emo Fag'.

I saw Brendon Urie come out of the closet with Dallon Weekes with messed up sex hair as his boyfriend, Ryan Ross, was walking down the hallway hand in hand with Spencer Smith.

But you know what I did? Nothing.

What I definitely did do though, was run into the weird kid, knocking him down. I had seen him, sure, but I didn't bother moving, part of me also wants to hear his voice.

"Oh sorry, my bad" I said, feigning ignorance, weird kid looked up instantly, clutching the scruffy dog.

"It's not a problem, Gerard"

Before I could question how he knew my name, he blushed and sprinted off.


It was that one encounter that sparked it all, because he knew my name. I am Gerard Way, I would say I'm the leader of the 'Forgotten' people but they probably forgot I existed to even elect me. The other times though, he stopped using it, pretending he forgot or never even knowing my name in the first place.

But ever since that happened, two weeks ago, I've seen him everywhere and sometimes he's even staring at me. Why? I'm not interesting at all. I listen to horrible(y good) music, I dress like a homeless man. I'm not even smart, why I was sent to this school was way over my fucking head, I wanted to be a cat. That would be funny though, being allergic to myself.

"Aye, Gerard... You alright, mate?" I jolted and realized that it was only Mr Worsnop and I left in the classroom. Mr Worsnop was probably the most unprofessional teacher ever, he fucks his students, he's always swearing and he's always unorganized, but ever since he came to my school my grades were getting higher. Maybe it was because he couldn't grade or I related to him, he was fucking up countless times but atleast he tried, so maybe, just maybe, I should too.

"Yeah I'm fine, sir" I replied, I hastily gathered up my things and power walked my ass out of the room. Respectfully.

I was almost out the entrance door when I heard a cough from behind me. I jumped and spun around, expecting my asshole brother to be behind me and he'd make some smartass comment about me and tell mom that I stopped by the liquor store and picked up some beer and a pack of cigarettes. But not today.

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