Introduction by Rica Miller

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When I was five years old, my adoptive mother told me fairy tales to help me fall asleep. In them, who was right and wrong was always clear-cut, and good always won in the end.

In reality, a lot of people walk a gray line, believing it will keep them safe. Some stay on this line for so long that they forget who they are—sometimes for the better but more often for the worse.

You see, the gray is nothing more than an illusion. Whether you know it or not, your decisions slide you in one direction or the other. Then one day something wakes you up, and you realize where your choices have taken you.

Whether good won out or not will be a matter of perspective. The truth is choices were made on both sides to get us to this point, and harder choices will have to be made to determine what happens next.

Whether you decide to trust me or not, you still need to get out of the gray fog of indecision that clouds your thinking.

If you don't, we are all going to lose.


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