Pair of kings season 4 family reounion

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( hay guys I'm sorry for the delay got a little distraction so back to it"Whaaaaat? I am the twins of the kings.""mom excuse me "boz said."don't you need to be the same age to be a twin.""It was along time ago when you were on kinkow. You were fighting Zadoc with your father help. You took a big blow after Zadoc was turned to stone. The only way to save you was to turn back the clock on you, make you younger, but to keep you save I took you as my son.""So where's my ring?""I was your bracelet ""wow thanks dad""your not made"""like you say don't hold grudges." Oh hay boomer I know your mad". Brady said." But I just wanted to" he never got to finished before boomer but in"you know what I'm ok.""what"" like that guy said no holding grudges.""so your not mad.""no I'm furious.""so what do we do know?" Mikalia ask."uh run from that man flying towards us."it's Kalakai he must have destroy the seal."Mason warned."I'm think that's the bad guy.""YES!"every on yelled."oh then RUNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!""follow me ." Brady yelled so they all followed him inside the dojo in a library."suddenly Kalakai shooter energy spheres at the dojo " Oh great."boz yelled."the one place I hate is where I meet my doom. Mason if we live remind me to destroy every library on kinkow.""no worry" Brady said as he pulled a book which showed a secret door." Nice. Kings and girls first sorry mason." Soon everybody was in the secret room just in time as the house came down. Kalakai look through the wreckage for the kings only to find nothing, not even blood." Nooooooooo. Where are they? He ask. Meanwhile in the sewers. "So you were raised by apes." Brady ask. "Yeah and I do a little skunk want to see." " yes" I said while every one said"NOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""O.k.""so this is your first time in japan then let your younger brother welcome you HELO兄弟は日本に歓迎( helo brothers welcome to japan ." Said Tim lo que yo me puse en pie europening." Boz replyed."you said you don't understand europening in Spanish.""once we get out of here we'll take my hot air ballon but when they got their they found a note."It's from ghost dad." Boomer yelled "Dad?!?!?" Brady asked."it say to combine all are power in the middle of the village.""does it say anything about tacos?" Ask boz."I'm starting to see how were related." Brady exclaimed."my kings."Mikalia said."theirs only enough room for 4.""awkward." Tim exclaim. "Hey guys?" Boz ask"what?""what's the code if Kalakai comes."" Uhh.... Pineapples ""ohh PINEAPPLES, PINEAPPLES, PINEAPPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Boz yelled . "My kings go." Mason yelled"wait.......what?" Brady ask"we're not leaving you.""sorry kings." At that moment Mikalia push boomer on Brady which they both fell in the basket and she cut the rope while Tim leg was caught on the rope so he was dangling over the jungle. Soon Kalakai was coming straight towards them." Come on bracelet !!!!" Tim yelled at his bracelet." Why won't you work?" Them a big blast came from his arm and into Kalakai. "Nice work Tim." Said boz."great shot."boomer replied."way to go Tim." Brady said."that was awesome."
Meanwhile back at the mason and Mikalia."you think the kings will be all right dad." Mikalia ask."hard to say.""I say their doomed."Kalakai said mad. "Just like you."

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