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"We can't stay here shikira we have to go"


Shikira's POV...

I didn't know what to say,

We have to get the rest of us out then we can go right or does harry think we have to leave without them,

"C'mon shikira we can do this besides we can't ummm bring the rest of your family well at least not all of them" he replied


"I'll explain later we have to get your sisters" I got up

"Okay who can we get?" I asked

"Ummm Lucy and Ricky, Alex, lizzy, Valasia, Jake, Sarah, Maddy, Beth, Arabella and Aiesha " I nodded smiling but I knew Harry could tell it was fake, he took my hand,

"Come one ill explain later" I nodded and we went off to get them

.....After we got them.....

We quickly ran outside and climbed the tallest tree there we stayed there while harry tried to contact the rest of the boys and when he finally did we agreed it would be better if everyone met up in the tree we are in so they began coming over while harry explained to me and my family why we couldn't bring the rest of us

"We you see our kidnappers are werewolf's and they have mates and well umm the rest of your family are their mates" I nodded I should be happy for them but I am just upset, I gently rocked shay (Aiesha) to sleep while Maddy and Beth fell asleep on my lap cuddling together as Val leans on me with her eyes shutting ever so slowly, Jake and Sarah where resting on Harry already asleep, while lizzy and Alex where asleep on another branch and on the branch across from her is Lucy and Ricky holding each other asleep with a smile on their faces I slowly moved my hand to hold harry making sure not to wake anyone and I slowly fell asleep...


I know I haven't updated in a while but here you go I hope it was good

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