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16:49, 17/05/2003

Dear Diary,

Insolent means boldly rude or disrespectful; contemptuously impertinent; insulting.

So I guess Miss Amy was just calling us naughty, even if we aren't. Actually, I guess Joshua was being kind of loud, but surely she should be used to it by now?

Miss Amy's the sort of teacher who's everyone's nightmare. She replaced Miss Tanya a few months ago, and I know it sounds rude, but none of us like her.

Miss Tanya was beautiful in that 'inner beauty' kind of way, even if you don't believe in inner beauty. She had long, curly ebony hair that always hung loose around her face, and twinkling amethyst eyes. She was one of those....larger people, but she never let that bother her. Miss Tanya spoke with a heavy Southern accent, and she was almost always laughing. All of us adored and respected her tremendously.

She died of tuberculosis in February at the age of fifty two.

Miss Amy, on the contrary, is stick-thin and always scowls. Her bleached blonde hair is always scraped back in a no-nonsense bun and on the rare occasions that she smiles, it's out of malice. Her eyes, two icy copper shards, are almost always narrowed in disgust or bulging in fury.

Everyone misses Miss Tanya, but she's not coming back any time soon.

She's in heaven now.



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