Chapter 2

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"I can't believe you didn't do anything for your birthday." Sienna sighed while we ate breakfast.

"I did do something, I spent it with my twin, my mum and my dad. I apologised and now I don't feel as guilty because I chatted to them. The only thing I didn't get to do was spend it with you which would be the reason we're having a lazy day once I've done my training. See you in a couple hours." I babbled putting my plate in the dishwasher since I gave the chef a day off, I didn't really need him here and let's be fair he probably has kids and he needs to be with them otherwise he'll miss all the good memories and that wouldn't be fair.

I went back up to my room leaving Sienna to do whatever she wanted while I did my daily 2 hours training. I put on my blue flower sports bra and some running shorts then went to the home gym room we had in one of the basement rooms.

I went straight for the punch bag after taping my knuckles, after that I went on the treadmill, bike, the climbing ropes and all the other stuff.


Once 2 hours had been up I stayed for another 2 hours, just kicking and punching the bag. Eventually I walked out the basement dripping in sweat and to the living room to check on Sienna only I was met with all the boys from the table in biology.

"Um this is awkward." I muttered, glaring at Sienna, she just shrugged.

"Bill called to say we had visitors, turns out Ryder here," She patted the boy who sat next to me in biology. "He lives in the house down the street and around the corner." She announced, she then turned to me with a glare.

"And you left me for FOUR hours just to do your stupid little well I don't know what you were doing but I'm guessing since your dripping in sweat and wearing your training shit you were training." She rambled.

"Okay okay shhhh! Listen, since we have guests I've gotta go change I will be back as soon as I'm ready, don't miss me too much." I stated running to the elevator and waiting for the doors to open.


Ryder's pov. (when Trinity just went to the basement for training)

Me and the boys were all in my back garden just talking and hanging out when suddenly something crossed my mind.

"Hey boys, someone bought the mansion." I announced making them all turn to look at me.

"Who?" River asked me.

"I dunno but I think it might be something to do with them new girls." I told them all.

"The one that was sat next to me in biology? What's her name......Sienna?" Blake asked slowly.

"Yeah the girls with the blue bike, the other one has blue hair what's her name.....Trinity....yeah, she sat next to me." I informed them.

"Well let's go see for ourselves." Danny suggested, we all agreed so we walked through my house and round the corner to be stopped by a buff guy stood in front of the gate.

"What do you kids want?" He asked suspiciously, eyeing us up.

"You see I live around the corner there so I wanted to introduce myself to the people living here, its the polite thing to do." I told him in a duh tone.

He took out his phone and pressed it up to his ear. "Hi Sienna, is Trinity there?" He asked into the phone.

"Nothing bad just there's a bunch of boys here wanting to introduce themselves, do you know where Trin is?" He spoke again.

"Um I'm not sure I mean it is Trinity's house and I'm not sure if they're a threat." He muttered looking at us again.

"She's in our biology class, they came in yesterday." River informed him.

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