Part 5

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It's been an incredibly long time since I last wrote and I've been reading over everything I've written and wondering why did I stop? So here we go!

"I want a soul mate who can sit me down, shut me up, tell me ten things I don't already know, and make me laugh.

I don't care what you look like, just turn me on." - Henry Rollins

Gauges P.O.V.

I lifted Molly into the cab of my truck as easily as I could. She would heal quicker than a human but with the extent of the injuries it would still be a while. My blood felt hot and carbonated, like my blood was fizzing with rage. I was trying so hard not to shift so I could drive.

I laid Molly down on the bench seat wishing I had cleaned the garbage out of the truck before all this but it was a stupid thought.  I shut the door quietly and jogged around to the drivers, throwing one last glance at the house that sat across the street. I knew some where in that house Molly's father lay unconscious in a pile of household rubble and the thought left me feeling content and nothing else. As a male were my  need to protect was top priority, not an option. The threat had been all but extinguished and damn it if it didn't feel great.

I put the truck in drive keeping one hand on Molly to make sure she didn't roll off the bench. I tried to keep my eyes on the road but they kept sneaking back to her face to see if she was awake. The road stretched out in front of me as every second felt like an hour before I finally made it back to my house. My small ranch style house was out of the way where I could run and shift as I wanted with out being seen. The house had a large tree in the small front yard with a few weeds here and there. I didn't exactly have a green thumb or the patience to keep a lawn and flowers alive.

I ran out of the truck to open the front door from the gravel drive. For a split second my heart faltered in my chest at the thought of her waking up and disappearing into the night. I swear my heart had stopped being altogether until I saw she was still in the truck unconscious. I carried her out not giving a shit that I left the truck door open. Anyone all the way out here trying to steal from me, I'd hear a mile away. And they'd be sorry.

I walked into the bedroom and laid her down on my plaid comforter and went to grab my first aid kit. This was the part I was dreading. I could tell she had some broken bones that might have already set and I'd have to reset them properly and it was going to fucking hurt her. I almost called another of my pack to do it for me but couldn't handle the idea of someone else touching my mate. I could do this I just had to man up and grow a pair.

I used some gauze and a wash cloth to wipe away as much blood from her face so I could see where she was actually hurt. I held my breath as I saw the cut off her cheek bone. Reaching for my tweezers I pulled the two small pieces of glass out of her skin. There was blood all down her neck where it ran onto her t- shirt. I checked her arms and legs next trying to put off anything to intrusive. Granted I wanted to see my little mates body but not like this, covered in blood when she wasn't awake to say yes or no. Her arms were cut up and bruised but thank god not broken. Her right leg was another matter. I was going to have to re break it. Dread, pitch black, and sticky coated the inside of my stomach and crawled up my throat and filled my mouth. 

All I could do was hope she stayed out cold for this. But hope was lost. As soon as I cracked her leg back into place she bolted upright her eyes wide screaming.

She jumped away from me and hopped to the other side of the room. Her emotions started peppering me left and right like physical blows. Pain, so deep and dark it scorched across my skin like fire. Fear, so putrid it hung in the air and sucked the breath from my lungs. And shame, that cloaked everything in grey. I felt my hands shaking as I raised them to show I meant no harm.

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