Chapter 9: All of them care.

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Chapter 9:

I hear shouts and screams and yells and wails all around me.

My arm and leg are throbbing like crazy. My head feels heavy and I think it's bleeding, and heavily.

"What the hell Jason! Why would you do that?" someone screams.

"I-I- I don't know! I didn't mean for this to happen!"

A hand is shaking my shoulder and I hear

"Caitlin? Caitlin! Please, wake up. Caitlin wake up!" That voice is so clear. Mitch.

"We have to get her to hospital. Someone call 911. Now!"

"Already on it."

A while later I hear sirens and some unfamiliar voices.

"Right, can you explain what happened please sir?"

"Well, earlier this morning we were playing with the Nerf guns as a joke we have. To escape she jumped off the balcony and into the garden. We threw her in the pool and then we went to get dressed. I asked how she got down so she was going to show me. She was on the branch when this idiot- Jason, shot her with the Nerf guns. She fell out of the tree and now she won't wake up" Mitch says, his voice shaking.

"Her arm and leg are broken. We don't know what internal damage there is. We have to get to hospital to find out."

I feel my body being lifted up and being carried. They - whoever they are - put me into a stretcher and strap me up.

"Who's coming in the ambulance with her?" a paramedic says.

"I will." Undoubtably Mitch.

"And us." Us meaning Nicole and Jerome.

"We'll drive there. See you soon" someone else says.

They wheel the stretcher onto the ambulance and I feel something stroking my hand.

"Caitlin, baby, please, please hang on. Please do it for me, and Nicole, and everyone else. People love you, Caitlin, you have to realise that. Wake up for them. I love you..." he trails off and then I hear sobs, 2 manly and 1 female.

The sirens are going and I remember my mum telling me when I was little that they put them on for emergancies and for patients in an unstable or critical condition.

Which means I'm in an unstable or critical condition.

➵ ➵ ➵ ➵ PAGE BREAK ➵ ➵ ➵ ➵

A while later I am being wheeled into the hospital and shouts are saying things about surgery, critical condition, broken limbs, possibly internal damage and unstable.

A door slams and I feel tubes going into my arms and an oxygen mask being fastened around my mouth and nose.

I remember that people say you can hear and feel things around you but you can't respond... that's if you're in a coma.

Which means that I'm in a coma.

Some people stay in coma's forever and don't wake up. They have to be taken off of life support if they don't wake up in time.

However, some people do wake up in time and are perfectly fine.

But that rarely happens.

My thoughts are interrupted by someone talking.

"We have to run an X-ray on her to find any internal damage. Please wait outside."

I hear the door shut and loads of talking but it sounds muffled.

(im sorry im doing all these time skips idk what to write.)

"We found that she has several broken bones, but no internal damage."

"Well... that's good... right?"

"There is one more thing. Caitlin is currently in a coma, and we have no idea if she is going to wake up or not."

Cries, shrieks and gasps fill the room.

I feel a hand touch mine. Then another touches my head, one on my arm, one on my leg, on on my foot, until there are hands all over me. (NOT IN ANY PERVERTED PLACES OKAY DONT THINK LIKE THAT)

"Caitlin, we're all here for you. Everyone that you met has a hand on you right now. We all know you can wake up. And we all know you will. Even though we have known you for a short while, we saw your personality. A fighter. Feisty, strong, brave. So just wake uo for us."

Mitch. Nicole. Jerome. Adam. Jason. Rob. Preston. Kenny. Ty. Ian. Tyler. Lachlan. Vikk. Mat. Quentin. Ryan.

All of them are here.

All of them care.

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