Chapter 3: The Ill-Fated Prince - Off to the Land of The Orient Pearl

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        The rufflings of movements, the echoing of the speaker's calls, and the chatter of people at the airport - they're deafening. Zander has already arrived at the foreign, yet familiar, country - the feeling of deja vu.

        Zander didn't imagine life would give him this. Ye-Sun wanted him to stabilise his company's branch in the Philippines. But he's clueless with business stuffs since he's so busy making a wild-life outside. Or maybe he just doesn't want to? Because all he wanted to be was the exact opposite of his step-father.

        He really doesn't want to go to the Philippines but he doesn't have any choice, does he? The King has spoken and nobody can go against it.

        Hearing his cellphone's loud ringing tone made him go back to reality. Zander sheepishly looks at the people around that is now looking at him with quirked eye-brows. He grope his mobile phone inside his back pocket. He felt something came out of it but who cares?

        He smiles as he saw his mother's name and receives the call automatically. "Hello? Mom?" Zander answered wrinkling his forehead.

        "Sung-Tae? How have you been doing there?Are you fine? Are you feeling something? Is something not right? How are you now? Don't get too caught up, don't forget to fix and check stuffs before and after leaving. Oh, and-"

         "Yeah. I know, I know," He stops her mother from blabbing mor eof nonesense. Deborah Kim is like that. He's somewhat shy about it but, but he likes it. "Everything's fine. Nothing to worry about." Zander sigh as he touch his temple in resignation.

        "Did you eat yet? Never skip meals, okay?"

      "Mom, I'm old enough to know what to do and not to." He smile again as he picture how his mother worries in ballistic. He would surely miss the woman.

       "I know you're old enough, but you see, blah-blah-blah-"

     He's not able to comprehend the whole of what his mother is about to say more because something had caught his eyes. A lean-looking man waving to everyone that passes through while holding a banner with his name written on it. An idea popped in his head and he smiled wickedly.

        "And old enough to know what I really want.." he continues.

        "Son, me and Ye-Sun just wanted to blah-blah-blah-"

        Whether Zander's words were told to his mother or himself, he couldn't care less. He clicked the end button of the call and walked pass by the man with the banner - but, something came up in his mind and he stopped midway, "uhm, excuse me."

        "Y-yes?" The man, looking like he's on his early thirties and wearing a corporate attire, faced him while quirking an eyebrow.

        Zander took off his sun-glasses, smiled and crossed his arms.

        The man's face changed in an instant, looking back and forth the banner and him, "perhaps, you're master Zander?"

        He smiled the sweetest smile and said, "Sorry to say, but, no."

        The man gave him the quirking brow again from earlier.

        "But," Zander circles the man as he searched for someone who looked the same age as his, "say, you might wanna ask that gentleman over there." He pointed out at someone using his sunglasses. A guy who has the same feature as his step-father, "that guy's name's Kim Zander, the son of president Kim."

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