Chapter 7

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***Nathans POV***

I know what I am and I have a feeling someone will soon find out.

I'v gone more pale and my eyes change colour whenever i smell fear or blood. My gums have started to hurt and light hurts me like I burn straight away.

My life has changed and I feel weird i'm tempted to tell someone but I know I can't.

***Melodys POV***

Its been 2 weeks now and Nathan and I have been reaslly good friends. He is now inb my rugby team and my soccer team. He tried out for basketball but he didn't make it.

I hop on the bus and Nathan is not there. I wonder why but then sit down. Caitlin sits down next to me with a smile of joy on her face.

She just finished her online exam which was for all people to do. I finished mine last week but she had so many things to do everyday.

The bus stops and we hop off the bus. I run to the toilet which is both a girls and boys toilet as the school is to poor to get one for each gender.

I walk in to seeing Sophie and Nathan kissing in the corner. They were to much gluded together to notice me so i quickly go and then run out.

I felt hurt because I had some feelings for him although he didn't have any feelings for me.

***Nathans POV***

I was in the middle of sucking lips with Sophie when I heard someone come in. They didn't seem to see us which is strange.

Sophie and I hooked up together in the weekend (as it's monay) and we are sort of an item now. As she sucked my lips hard i forced my body onto hers.

I honestly really wanted Melody although she seemes to want to just be friends, and I am ok with that.

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