Connor Stoll x Reader (You Stoll My Heart)

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It was a beautiful and peaceful day at Camp Half-Blood. The Demeter children were tending to the strawberry field, the satyrs were helping them by playing music that helps the strawberries grow, the Ares children were down at the training area (most likely pummelling other campers) and two very mischievous Hermes children deciding that, since everyone is busy doing their own thing, they would be able to do a few pranks. Those two Hermes children go by the names of Travis and Connor Stoll (very ironic name for children of Hermes, messenger of the Gods, thieves, travellers, sports, athletes, border crossings and guide to the Underworld) Travis and Connor love pulling pranks on people and do it any time they can, though they always get caught they love to have a good laugh. Their victims today is the Demeter cabin. They know that that cabin is full of plants so they intend to do something with the plants. Connor loves pranking just as much as his brother, but there is another reason why he has chosen the Demeter cabin. A girl, name y/n is one of the Demeter children and to Connor, she is so beautiful and has definitely caught his attention. Yep, Connor's heart has been Stollen by y/n. He is helping his brother, Travis, prank the Demeter cabin mostly just to see y/n.

Connor's POV

Our victims today are the Demeter cabin, mostly because I just want to see y/n. My brother knows about my crush on y/n and teases me a lot about it, but I don't care. Anyway, Travis and I 'borrowed' some makeup products from the Aphrodite cabin and we are going to use them on the plants in the Demeter cabin. Since all the Demeter children are out, we can pull our prank. We got into the cabin easily and with no one spotting us. When we got into the cabin, there were plants everywhere and anywhere. I don't know how the Demeter children got around. There were a lot of plants to make over and not a lot of time, so we got to work. I forgot to mention that these plants are enchanted so the have faces and can talk, but that didn't stop us. Sure the plants would tell who did it, but we would be getting a laugh, well mostly Travis. I would be laughing as well, but would also be a little nervous. Travis was going to do every plant except for y/n's plants. I had a surprise in store for her. Travis was going to make over the plants in a bad way, but I was going to write a special message to y/n telling her how I feel because I'm too scared to tell her face-to-face. Within a few minutes, we were done. We had to leave quickly because the Demeter children were coming back now. So we ran out of the cabin.

Y/n's POV

My brothers, sisters and I were out in the strawberry field, helping them grow. Usually, I would be able to concentrate on helping out the strawberries, but lately I haven't been able to. My mind had been focused on a certain son of Hermes, Connor Stoll. Ever since we went on a small quest together, I had been crushing on him, but lately I have been feeling more for him. I think it might be love.mi told my siblings about it and they said it was love. I want to tell Connor but I'm scared that he might laugh on my face and reject my feelings, do I keep them to myself. My siblings tell me that I should tell him, but I'm too scared. After a while, we had finished up with the strawberry field and went back to our cabin. When we for there, we were horrified. Our plants had been made over and horribly. I saw everyone's plant and couldn't believe the sight of them. I was worried about my plants, but when I got to my plants, they weren't like my siblings. My plants were made over beautifully. My siblings came over and they were amazed with my plants. One of the roses had perked up and said,

"Miss y/n, we have a message for you. The person who did this to us said that they want to tell you something very important and to meet them in the middle of the woods, the safest part, tonight before dinner. Please be there." So the mystery person wants me to meet them. I decided that I would go. Whoever did this has really caught my attention and my flowers look beautiful. We fixed up the other plants and by the time it was done, I had to go and meet this mystery person. I said goodbye to my siblings, got my weapon just in case, and left. When I got to the middle of the woods, I saw a picnic set up with all of my favourite foods. As I was walking to the picnic a voice had said,

"I didn't think you would show up." I looked behind me and saw Connor. I was surprised because I didn't think he would do something like this. He must be my mystery person.

"Connor, you were the one who made over my plants and set this up?" He nodded his head and motioned my to sit down. We both sat down and started eating the food. We talked the whole time about so many random things. After the picnic, Connor had said,

"Y/n, the reason why I did all of this was because I wanted to tell you how I feel about you and I just wanted it to be perfect. I love you y/n. Would you be my girlfriend?" I couldn't speak. Connor said that he loves me and asked me to be his girlfriend. I just hugged him and kissed him on the lips as my answer. After we kissed for a few minutes, I looked Connor in the eyes and said,

"I love you to Connor and yes I'll be your girlfriend." We spent some more time in the woods, then we had to leave. We got up, packed away the blanket and walked back into camp, hand in hand. Once everyone saw us, they began asking a lot of questions. We just ran past everyone and decided to have some quiet time with each other. Today, was the best day ever.

Connor Stoll my heart and I Stoll his. I love him and will always be with him.

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