"Flithy whore! Get up! Get out of here!"

She opens her eyes to the morning light to a bald man who looks like he lifts weights with his neck.  He grabs and manhandles her,  grabbing her arms and neck tight like if she were trying to fight back even though she is too out of it to try. I stand from a distance watching. I didn't like getting into situations that didn't involve me but as I walked away I thought did the people who watched my mom get shot in cold blood think the same thing. I inhaled deeply then turned back and ran across the street that felt like it'll never end.

  "Stop! What is this!" I said while grabbing the man's shoulder that felt like a rock. He turned and looked at me with a sterned face and pursed lips. And as his eyes meet mine I felt as if I was drowning. With a smirk and a look of disbelief on his face. He gestures to the girl who has fallen back on the cold concrete ground while covered in her own vomit.

     "You're really going waste your time on this trash?"

I stood there just frozen as he stared daggers right into my eyes. It felt like it was hours before he broke his glare. He threw his hands as he walked back towards the ran down bar but before he went inside he sighs then stops and turns to me with a face of disgust and says

   "Good luck she's your problem now kid. "

Then he's gone.

I look over at the girl as she slips in and out of consciousness as she tries to pick herself up. I kneel down beside her while the overwhelming smell of vodka hits me instantly. I clear my throat to try attempt a voice of assertiveness.

   "Excuse me. I would like to help you   home. What's your name? "

She peers at me and half laughs.

   "Ha. Home? That's a new name for it. "

She stumbles as she uses the gate behind us to pick herself up. As she let's her grip loose from the gate her legs quiver like they where learning how to walk again. I get up and try to help her keep balance but she pushes me away.

   "Don't touch me! I can- I can help myself"

I back away.

    "I'm just trying to help you"

Scornfully scowls at me as her slurred voice begun to grow.

     "Help me?! Sure you want to help! All the assholes said they wanted to help me!"

I watch as she wobbles down the narrow sidewalk. Falling side to side. I catch up to her and follow her from a distance.  She walks a block before she notices me.

     "What do you want?"

I didn't notice at first but the tears on her cheek ran down her face hard.

     "Huh asshole!"

My words choked up in my thoart as I forced them out.

     "Um. I was. I was trying to.  I don't want anything. I just-" My voice cleared "I just want to do one thing right."

The look of frustration on her face turned into sympathy like she knew exactly  what I meant. She turned around and kept wobbling down the sidewalk as I followed. After a few blocks she stopped infront of a building that looked like it had been abandoned for years. Hookers and junkies surround the building like flies on garbage. The streets reeked of piss and rotten eggs. The doors and windows were busted from years of abuse. She holds her forehead with a sour look then turns towards me and gestures to the building.

     "Home sweet home. "

I half smile at her and begin to walk away.

     "Rene!" She yells at me as am about to turn the corner. I look at her confused.


With a blank look she says.

      "You asked me my name. It's Rene."

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