..Falling down..

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So after school Sarah and I had volleyball practice which we hated like every girl on the team so it was kind of fun to make fun of them after the practice together.

Me and Sarah normally stand in the back because well neither of us know what the hell we're doing.

Which I kind of wish we did know because knowing what was going on could've come in handy today..

Here's how it went....

Sarah and I were talking about pretty little liars, and obsessing over how hot Caleb and Ezra are, like we can't help it!

Anyways as we were talking I started to feel a little dizzy but I didn't let it bother me much but before I knew it I was face planted into the gymnasium floor passed out. I seen weird looking colors i tried to make them go away but it just kept getting worse. That's when I started hearing people talking..


"Selena...honey are you ok?"

What's going on? I ask totally confused

Where are we?

Were in the emergency room. You fainted during practice, you've been here for almost an hour. Sarah said staring at me with a fierce look on her face.

I wanna go home. I cry.

I'm afraid you can't do that quite yet

My doctor steps in. He kind of looks like Bruno Mars but sounds like Mario Lopez which is kind of interesting to me considering I love both of them.

What? Why not I look at the Bruno Lopez doctor

Because we're running a few more tests... He states at me with his hands twirling and fiddling.

Why? I watch his hands move and then stare into his eyes

Because we found some leukemia cells in the direction of the brain and we're not sure how serious it is yet.

Wait leukemia.. We learned about this in school but all I can remember is the word cancer from what Mr Wiltman has told us, well I think that's what he told us atleast.

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