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Sandra sat alone at the edge of the pier overlooking the vast ocean and blue sky.

No one seemed to be around, but she expected that, as today is Valentine's day. No one would just sit around a boring old pier with nothing to do. They're all probably be out there somewhere doing something fun, proclaiming their love and being in love, as she sat all alone, the salty wind of the sea caressing her cheeks, dark brown hair blowing in the breeze.

     Has it already been a year? She thought to herself. A year of misery and heartache. Of pain and sorrow, when all you can think of is ending your own life. No one knows the anguish she feels, no one can know for she hid it deep within her and it only appears when she's all alone feeling despair.

     Sandra looked up into the sky as a seagull flew overhead and her memories took her back to a year ago, February the fourteenth.

     That morning she woke up to the sound of the telephone ringing. Answering the phone groggily, she was a little but annoyed to hear the sound of her boyfriend, Kurt as he gleefully wished her good morning and happy valentine's day.

     "Wake up sleeping beauty!" he yelled into the phone, "look outside, the sun is shining and the birds are singing for its  a brand new day for us."

"I'm up," Sandra answered curtly, looking out the window to find the sun shining through the trees in her backyard, "What do you want?"

"I want my baby to be up, for we have a busy day ahead of us," he was unnerved by her tone, "I'll come and get you in an hour, get ready."

    Before she could reply, he hung up. Placing the phone back, she got ready for Kurt unenthusiastically. She know he's doing all these just to please me, nay, to cover up for his other flaws.

     Before knowing Kurt, Sandra was this introvert young girl right out of high-school. Her parents were very strict people so she grew up without ever going on a single date with any guys. Then after going to college she met Kurt. Anyone could see that he was the total opposite of her, but like they said, opposites attract, and before long, they started dating. She fell instantly in love with Kurt for he was the nicest guy she had ever met. He was outspoken and friendly and always had throngs of girls giggling around him. And he had the most magnificent eyes ever. It melted her heart, along with all the other girls in college. She felt so lucky to go out with him. And well, like people always say, don't count your blessings too early, so she learned the hard way going out with a guy as charming as Kurt. There were always problems in their relationship. If it was not about other girls throwing themselves at him, then it was his busy schedule as President of many clubs in college. There wasn't a day that went by without them arguing.

     But still they stood by each other, trying to mend each broken pieces. It was a lovely yet heartbreaking relationship and it was taking a toll on them.

    And on Valentine's day three years after they've been going out together, Kurt wants to make amends for his mistake to Sandra for taking her for granted and for all the fight they've been through. As Sandra waited at her front porch for Kurt to fetch her, she reminisced on the good memories she had with Kurt. The times when they weren't fighting was the times that she treasures. She remembered all the long walks they took by the beach, and the parks where they sat and 

talked for hours at times. Those were the memories worth cherishing, and she decided against holding a grudge towards him and decided that she was going to enjoy today as she can.

     Looking at her wristwatch it showed half an hour past eleven and Kurt still haven't arrived. She became impatient as this had happened many times. Kurt always failed to be punctual. She tried calling his cell phone but she couldn't get through. Typical of him to either turn his phone off or forgetting to charge its batteries. She decided to wait another hour. But by one in the afternoon and Kurt still haven't showed up, Sandra was beyond furious and left several nasty messages in his voicemail, hoping he'll get the hint and stay away from her. Her patience had finally wavered, and without second thought, she went back into her house and turned on the television.

     On TV was a new about an accident at the main-road nearby her house, where a car was hit by a huge trailer. The driver of the truck survived but the same cannot be said for the car driver as the car had swivelled out of control and crashed into a shop and burst into fire. No one in the shop was injured because it was empty at the time. Sandra wasnt interested and almost turned to another channel, before something caught her eyes, a blue Mustang, eerily familiar. Fear 

gripped her throat as she looked at the wrecked car which looks exactly like Kurt's vehicle.

     "No, it's not true," she half-whispered to herself. Suddenly the phone rang. She quickly got up to get the phone, fearing the worst.

"Hello," she whispered into the phone.

"Hello, Sandra," she thought Kurt was the one who called her and felt so relieved.

"Kurt," she blurted out.

"No, i'm his brother Kevin," he replied, washing away the relief to a renewed fear, "Its about Kurt. Did you watch the news?"

     Sandra felt her world spinning and she blacked out. When she opened her eyes, her mother was looking down at her, worry etched on her face.

     "Mom," Sandra said, her lips dry, "i had a bad dream."

     "Honey," her mother said, looking sideways at her father, "its not a dream. We just came from the hospital."

     Noooo....Sandra cried out inside for she had no strength to voice it out. It can't be. Her Kurt can't be gone. They still had a lifetime in front of them. She can't believe that this is happening.

     "They found this gripped tightly in his hands," her mother said, holding forward

a small burnt box. Sandra sniffled as she took the box and opened it. She couldnt believe her eyes, because lying in the box was the most beautiful sapphire ring.

Her birthstone. Inside the ring was carved 'Sandy and Kurty Forever'. Sandra gasped and new round of tears pored down her cheeks.

     She felt devastated, because he had wanted to propose to her and it had caused his life, and all she did was get angry with him. From that moment she had felt that her life has ended as a huge part of her soul had died together with Kurt.

Sitting at the pier, Sandra looked at the ring on her finger. She wears the ring, the blue sapphire ring to remind herself of the man she would love for the rest of her life. Although he was no more, his memories shall forever remain in her heart.

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