“I’ll show you” said Phil. “Dan, can you cook some food?” he turned to Casey “I am useless when it comes to cooking”

Casey laughed. I smiled. Phil was being Phil.

Phil took Casey to her room.

Casey's POV


“Yeah?” I answered looking around my new room.

“Did you know Dan likes you?.”

“Well, I like him to, he is cool”

“No, like, he thinks you're pretty”

I blushed “who is this coming from. Has he told you?”

“Well, yes, not, really, sort of, I guess?”

“You’re a weird one Phil”

Phil smiled “Hopefully you are weird too, or you won’t fit in”

“I’m ok with that. And, thanks”

“For what?”

I burst into laughter. This was, after all the 3 rd time hearing that.

“You’ll fit right in Casey” Phil said with a smile.

“DINNERS READY!!!” Dan yelled

“Coming for dinner Casey?” Phil asked

“No, I think I will just get my stuff set up. I already ate, but thanks for asking”

“Ok, sleep well Casey”

“Eat well Phil”

Phil laughed as he left.

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