~Matthews P.O.V~

i Was walking backstage when i was pulled into the closet."Open Your Eyes Babe' i Reconize The Voice Shit....I Open My Eyes To See Madison beer. "Hey Baby" Madison Says Kissing My Neck."i Have a Gf' i say. "Ha! Please Dont Tell Me its That Slut Meghan Reed' She Says. 'Shes Not a Fucking Slut. None of The Girls Are' i say."Well Im Sorry Maybe You Will Like This?"Madison Says Unzipping My Zipper. 'Dammit Madison' i say. "You Like That Huh?'Madison says. She Then Gets Lower To My thighs and Starts Sucking on My Rode. "omg....i say Moaning.

~Nashs P.O.V~

i Was Walking By a Closet When i Hear People Behind The Door."Hey baby"a Girl Said."i Have a Gf" A Guy Says. OMG Its Matthew and.....Madison Beer. I Put My Ear To The Door.and Hear Madison Say "Ha! Please Dont tell me its that slut Meghan Reed' That Bitch! Then matthew says. 'Shes Not a Fucking Slut. None of The Girls are. You Go MATTHEW!! Then i Hear That Bitch Say. 'Well Im Sorry Maybe You Will Like This? WHAT THE FUCK MATTHEW! Then i Hear Moaning. I Have To Warn Meghan! I Ran Backstage Where Meghan Was With Carter and Anahi. "Meghan!!"i say. "ya? Meghan says. "Its Matthew!" i say."IS HE HURT!?" She says Getting up. "No....Its Worse i Just Heard Matthew and Madison Beer in The Closet.' i say. 'WHAT!?!?" Meghan says. "wait it gets Worse' i say. "WTF Do You Mean Madison Like Who Matthew Use To Date!?!? Carter says. "Yes" i say. "SHE WAS THE ONE I PULLED UP ON STAGE WITH!!! Meghan says. "ok Anyways i Heard Madison Call You Girls Sluts Right and Then i Hear Her Say 'Well Im sorry Maybe you will like this" and then i hear matthew Moaning Saying 'omg' Yeah" i Saw Furry in Meghans Eyes. "THAT BITCH!!! Carter says. "IM GOING TO KICK HER ASS!!!!! Meghan says Getting Up.

~Meghans P.O.V~

IM GOING TO KICK HER ASS!!!! i say Standing up. Im So Fucking Mad at Her. I Run To The Closet Door and i Open it and Me,Nash,Anahi and Carter Cant Believe Our Eyes. 'Omg...' i say. i See Madison and Matthew Both Fucking Naked Fucking Eachother. "YOU BASTARD! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!!! I FUCKING TRUSTED YOU!!!! i say Running Out the Door Outside. 'MEGHAN! WAIT! Matthew Says.

~Anahis P.O.V~

We Ran To The Closet and Saw Madison and Matthew Pure Naked Fucking Eachother. "YOU BASTARD! I Hear Meghan say Before Running Out The Door. 'YOU DICK! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!?!?!?! i Say. "its Not What it Lo-Then Nash Cuts Matthew Off. "You Fucking Broke Her Heart' Now You Fuck a Skank?!?! U SERIOUS! HOPE YOUR FUCKING HAPPY! YOU NEED TO APOLIOGIZE BIG TIME! OR YOUR GONE! Nash Says Before Chasing After Meghan. 'You Discust Me" i say Spitting on Madison Before Chasing After Meghan. 'You Sicken Me Both of You. and Matthew What i Said Earlier i Never Wanted Your JB Penis CAUSE IT SEEMS YOU HAVE IT UP SOMEONES ASS CHEEKS ALREADY! Carter says Before Chasing After Me abd Nash.

~Matthews P.O.V~

FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE!!! IM SUCH AN IDIOT!!! I LOST A FRIEND AND 2 BESTFRIENDS AND THE LOVE OF MY FUCKING LIFE!!! "Where Were We" Madison Says. "Fuck You" i say Putting My Clothes on and Running Outside. "But im Thirsty" Madison Says.

LMAO HAHA Hope You Like It. Madison is Thirstay!! i Still Love madison Tho <3

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