Gossamer Wings

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"Gossamer Wings"

Into timid lands I roam

upon sweet dreams

longing of a life never known

crowned Queen without a throne

Trapped in a glass box

thoughts cut deep with each blow

imprisoned by childish memories

struck by foolish wanderings

The heart throbs for a lost love

cradled in the arms of a mother

never before seen only heard

whispers sail along the breeze

An apparition with gossamer wings

silhouetted by the moon

devoid of any light

soft melodies of tears

I cry each night

my pillow drenched

shattered at the core

sleeps rescue a lonely reprieve

Awake in nightmares

myself only to blame

weakened by a thought

a crippled body lay

Can a broken heart kill?

an abscessed wound

it's poison seeps

into the very soul.

By: Ryan McKay


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