Chapter 4 | Shocking Truth

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The room was quite girly. It was what coming up in my head as I was stepping into a small yet comfy room River leaded me into. It has pinky bed and a small cabinet on the corner in a same color. While the wall and floor were painted in pastel. There were also some colors like purple and blue dominating the wall and the floor, and even the curtains were purple.

“It used to be Lindy’s room before some good married couple took her like a week ago. She is a good kid. I bet she’s living happily with her new family.”

It was obviously explained everything. River has been living in orphanage with his little brother Jamie all this time. But since when? I’m tempted to ask him but I held back my tongue. He may doesn’t like talking about it. Besides, I’m just a stranger. Thirty minutes is just a blink of an eye. We still need a lot more time before we can truly get closer. Until that, I better stay out the line.

“I like this room.” I said and I meant it. It’s not that bad, besides, I like girly stuff. I even owned some stuffed animals myself in my room, back before I got stuck here. Wow, It surprised me that I actually can remember a little thing about my life in previous. I thought I completely get lost and unconscious because everything seems different and confusing. But if I can honestly say I remember clearly what’s happening before that accident occurred.  So I guess it’s not about the headache. There must be something else going on.

“Good if you like it. My room is two doors ahead. I share it with three other guys include Jamie.”

“Do I have some roommates like you?” I can’t stand asking this question. If I have roommate I probably will get into nervousness once again.

“No, the room you use is the smallest one. We share bed in another bigger room.”

Relieved, I nodded quietly.

“Jane wants you to get some rest. I’ll be in Jane’s office right after this.”


“River.” Just like Jane did to me, I called out River’s before he fully disappeared from the room.


"Thanks for everything.”

“You’re welcome.” He smiled a generous smile. I almost got limp if I didn’t tell myself to stay strong. Yet I still think River has the ultra beautiful smile which is super hard to resist.

This time, he actually disappeared from the room.

I took a look around one more time. There was a mirror hanging on the side wall. I so wanted to check out my appearance and saw how messy I am in the mirror since I’ve been through the hardest day today.  I passed over the empty table to the mirror and saw my reflection staring back at me as I faced it. But I quickly screamed in horror, not because of how bad my appearance shown on it, but something else I never expected I would ever be, or you could say … something else I would ever come back to be.

This is not true, isn’t it? It can’t be me. The girl in the mirror is me but she looks … younger! I look like fifteen! WTH!

As quickly as my scream faded, River came up to my room with Jamie and Jane following after him. They were all curious of what’s happening. Even some kids were there too peeking through the doorway.

“Callie, what’s happening?”

My finger pointed out to the mirror. River tried to guess what I indicated as what was there in mirror that could be wrong. He turned back to me when he could find nothing’s wrong in the mirror. I still pointed out the mirror and tried mouthing a word but there was no sound coming out from my mouth. I was too shock to ever explain what I saw in the mirror, then I stuttered.

"My face.. it-it’s…”

“it’s what?”

“It’s… different

“Callie, what are you talking about? I don’t get it”

“Is that me?” stupidly I asking the question.

“Yes, it’s you. You look a bit messy because you’d been collapsed on the ground. I’m sure you’ll be ok after taking shower.”

"Is everything fine?” Jamie asked from the door.

“Yes, Callie just needs rest.” It was Jane speaking, patting my shoulder before pushing me to the bathroom along with her. “but after a little shower.” She added.

“Everyone leave!”

I heard a lot of foot step leaving my room and to the downstairs. River and Jamie also left my room.

“Are you okay, sweetheart?” Jane asked carefully. Now I knew the reason why Jane was so dear to me. It also explained all the weird feeling I felt from taking treatment of everyone here. I could barely tell what I said to Jane as an answer. She left me a moment later. Now it was just me standing alone in the bathroom with another mirror from the bathroom’s wall.  

10 minutes left, I still disbelieve what I see. I am fifteen. How could this happen?

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