Luke Imagine *Dirty*

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**Request by Taylor Purple_Panda_**

You were hanging out with the boys as usual at Calum' house and they were all playing video games. You were perched in Luke's lap as he wrapped his arms around you and held the controller in his hands and his head was resting on your shoulder, giving the exposed skin a kiss every now and again.

You started to get a bit bored so you thought of teasing him. You started to move about a bit on his lap.

"Babe? What are you doing?" Luke asked in your ear, as he focused on the game but you could hear the worry in his voice of what you were doing.

"I am just trying to get comfortable," you lie to him.

"Well, could you stop moving," he said but you started to hear his breath go unsteady as you ignore him and continue moving about, pressing a bit harder in the process.

"Fuck," he breathlessly moaned in your ear and you felt the hard on you were trying to get him to have. Now, just to tease him a bit further, you quickly got up off his lap and walked to the kitchen to get a drink.

"Shit, dude. Did she turn you on by any chance?" you heard Michael tease him and the others joined in laughing.

All of a sudden you’re being tugged along and you see that Luke is dragging you.

"We're are going to mine," he states and you know exactly what is going to happen.

You both hurried to his house because you were both turned on as much as each other.


When you both stumbled through the house, Luke assured you that the house was empty so you were completely alone.

Luke pushed you up against the back of the closed front door and kissed you roughly and grinded his hips into, letting you feel the hard on he still had and was straining to be set free.

Your hands flew to his hair, taking trough, tugging and pulling, making the gorgeous boy moan at your movements. You felt him start to pull back so you thought you would tease him more and take his bottom lip with the lip ring in between your teeth, biting down, causing him to release a loud groan at what you were doing.

"Jump," he mumbled into your lips and grabbed your thighs and helped you up, letting you to rap your legs around his waist, his hard length pressing into you even more.

You felt yourself moving, and soon enough you were being thrown onto a very comfy bed and you noticed it was Luke's.

Next thing you both knew, both of your clothes were torn off and thrown all around the room.

Luke didn't want to waste any more time, so he quickly thrusted into you, considering you were already wet from wanting him earlier.

He also didn't waste any time in going fast and hard, pounding into you and hitting your spot straight away, causing you to scream his name and he would reply with either a loud grunt or a loud moan of your name. Whatever it was, he made it loud.

You also noticed the bed was banging against the wall, thankful that no one was home.

Luke lowered his head to in between my neck and shoulder, biting and sucking wherever he could, adding pleasure to you.

You felt the knots appearing in your stomach and you knew what that meant. Luke's thrusts were getting sloppier, meaning he was also nearing the end. With a few more hard thrusts, you came undone underneath him and with the sight of this, Luke shouted profanities meaning he had just finished as well. His sweaty chest colliding with you as he collapsed, out of breathe.


The next day when you met up with the boys, the teasing started straight away. Them pointing out love bites and scratches on Luke's back and chest. Let’s just say you weren't going to hear the end of this at all.

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