20. Punk

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20. Punk

A/N: the calum one is a little dirty idk just warning you ;) enjoy x


"Y/N! Ashton's here to pick you up!" Your mum calls from downstairs. Eyes widening in panic, you quickly slip on a jumper and leap down the stairs, taking them two at a time. When you get to the bottom, you catch sight of your boyfriend Ashton standing in the front doorway and your mouth instantly drops open.

He's wearing black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt, translucent enough so that you can make out the outlines of his tattoos underneath the thin fabric.

You suck in a breath, he looks absolutely incredible.

Your mum smiles at you and gives you a quick kiss on the cheek, telling you to keep safe, before leaving you and Ash alone. You look down at your warm jumper and tight jeans, suddenly wishing that you put on something more adequate for the dinner out.

Ashton looks you up and down before chewing on his lower lip, his black lipring disappearing from view. "You look amazing." He smiles and you blush. "I'm glad you didn't choose to wear a dress or anything fancy, it would've been rather inconvenient."

"How so?" You ask, frowning in confusion before looping your arm through his and heading out the door into the freezing Autumn twilight. Ashton gestures to the chrome motorbike parked on the side of the street, two helmets hanging from the handles.

"I thought you would've guessed already...it has a pretty loud engine so I'm sure you must've heard me turn up on that thing." Ashton says as he passes you a helmet before taking a seat on the bike, patting the leather seat behind him in a gesture for you to sit down.

You smile at him before taking a seat and wrapping your arms around his waist. He shifts a little before starting up the bike.

"Hold tight." He shouts over the roaring engine as you pull out of the driveway and into the street. The chilly wind tousles your hair and whips the jumper furiously around your body. You'd be freezing if it weren't for Ashton. His body against yours warms your skin and brings the colour to your face as you zip swiftly through the empty streets.


You're sitting on the edge of your bed with Calum. Textbooks, stationery and papers are strewn all over the bed sheets between you. You're supposed to be concentrating on studying for upcoming exams, but of course, you end up getting side-tracked.

Calum pushes the paper and books out of the way and scoots closer to you, his breathing slightly heavy. "Do you mind if we, um... forget about revision for a while?" He asks quietly, biting his lip at the end.

You shake your head, deciding a distraction from school would be nice right about now.

Calum slides a hand between your thighs without any warning and you gasp a little at his touch before turning to face him, losing yourself in his dark chocolate eyes. A little part of you is wondering why you're letting him do this to you, and another part is bursting in excitement.

You've definitely liked Calum for a while now and he was making you feel things you had never felt before. Feelings you wanted to explore. ((this rhymes im laughiNG))

"Fuck science, we're gonna ace that test whether we revise or not." He growls before pinning you up against the bedhead, kissing you hungrily on the collarbone. His soft tongue wetly caresses your skin, the cold metal of his lipring adding to the sensation.

You begin to lift up his thin grey t-shirt to reveal his tanned, tattooed skin.

"Cal, you're beautiful." You breathe as you trace a finger over the tattoos that adorn his toned torso, causing him to twitch a little. Calum sucks in a breath before moving his mouth up to your ear. "Not as beautiful as you."

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