Dust And Gold (#11)

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Look it up. Dust and Gold by Nightcore!!!



So I had wrote Dust and Gold when I was younger. When I had first got interested in music when I was in Camp. First year of camp before Gabe was gone and all. One of my worst years of my life. Mentally.

When we were done this came from Chrsti.

" It's about war!" She guessed.

" Dude." I said. " I was twelve when I wrote this."

Cole and Dylan were scavenging through the song trying to figure it out as we out out stuff away. Dinner time.

" You wrote this when you were twelve?" Cole asked me.

" Yeah."

" Forgotten what were dying for." Dylan said. " You had to be fighting for some damn thing."

" No, it was peachy as hell when I was twelve." I said. " No shit Sherlock."

" Wait." Cole said, looking at me. " Did you ever make a video to this song?"

I thought about it.

And looked through my bag.

Old, very old CD, but it was still good to use. For the song. Video to it.

I picked up the phone then and ordered some Chinese because Chinese is good. Chinese is nice. Chinese is friend.

Don't question that. I don't know what it was.

As I'm on the phone ordering.

" PERCY JACKSON!" You can just hear CHristi scream and I'm thinking somebody is having a heart attack now. " Get your ass out here!"

I peak out, everyone is fine.

" I'm ordering food." I said, and the Chinese guy picked up the phone and I ordered the food.

When I came back out the video was done.

I forgot I put some of the abuse on there. I was going to to send it into the cops but you know what I said. Initial fear.

" So my ass is out here." I said. " What the hell are you screaming about?"

They rewind it and there's Gabe and me and I slam that laptop shut.

" Tell anybody." I said. " Swear to the gods you won't hear the end of it."

" You never told us you were abused!" Dylan said.

" That's because it's been years." I told them. " I was twelve last time that happened. That was years ago."

And the phone rings.

Christi answered it.

" Hi." She said. " Yeah. Yup. Okay. Yeah, he's here. Here you go."

She hands me the phone.

" Somebody wants to talk to you." She said and I slowly take the phone and put it to my ear.

" Hello?" I asked and like said at once.

" Hello, is this Percy Jackson of Black Veil Brides?" Somebody asked me over the other line. Swear to the gods it could be Bianca. But you know, she's dead.

" Yes it is." I said.

" Hi, Percy." She said. " I'm Nancy Anderson, current director. We were wondering if you were interested in the role of Luke in The Last Olympian."

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