morning baby

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Author's Note
*edited* 18 May 2018

When I woke up,I saw Jc staring at me like I had chocolate smeared all over my face. The ends of my lips tugged up a little when he realised I was awake and staring back.

"Morning baby"

We always had a special flirty friendship that I always adored.But it didnt mean anything,just for fun.

"Goodmorning? How long have you been there?"I said rubbing my eyes, stretching my arms above my head as I yawned.

"Since 8 a.m. I came by your house earlier and your mom opened the door and said you were here"Jc said

I hummed in response and got up to freshen up as I remembered I probably have morning breath.

"Have you packed?" Jc asked while I'm brushing my teeth.

"No not yet" I muffled.

"Well we're leaving in two hours just to let you know"

I had one suitcase and one carry on bag. I packed two sundresses and two pairs shorts along with a few tops I think will adapt to the cold ass weather in New York. Throwing on a pair of leggings again and a The Vamps tee, I tugged my leather jacket onto my shoulders.

Stepping back, I look around to see if I forgot anything. Money, sunglasses, charger, laptop, earphones, credit card, house keys. Alright, I should be fine.

Grabbing my bags, I head on downstairs to see Jc waiting for me at the doorway.

"C'mon, we'll eat before we head off, are you hungry?"


"OKAY! Ms.Jones!(Jones was my last name)


I wonder why im always staring at I like her? Hopefully not because she might like someone else.....


hei guys im sorry this is a sshhhooorrtt chapter,BUT im excited for what u guys r commenting below!

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