morning baby

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I walked in the front door and see my father walking out from his study.

"Oh Nicole, where have you been?" he slings his arm over my shoulder as we walk into the living room.


When I woke up,I saw Jc staring at me

"Good Morning Baby"Jc said

We had that kinda special flirty thing that I always adored.But it didnt mean anything,just for fun.

"Goodmorning? How long have you been there?"I said rubbing my eyes.

"Since 8 a.m. I came by your house earlier and your mom opened the door and said you were here"Jc said

I got up and quickly change into something casual.

"You packed?" Jc asked

"That's why im rushing I gotta pack for tomorrow"

"okay"Jc smirked.

I had two suitcases,One is for my clothes and two,was for my handy dandy laptop and some headphones or ya know.

After packing,Jc asked if i wanted to go eat so....


"OKAY! Ms.Jones!(Jones was my last name)


I wonder why im always staring at I like her? Hopefully not cuz she might like someone else.....


hei guys im sorry this is a sshhhooorrtt chapter,BUT im excited for what u guys r commenting below!

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