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Later that day, me and Jess went shopping. We want to make a good impression and look good. We went to top shop and found what we need.

Jess always goes omgfor the outstanding look, bright and beautiful. She buys a red rose dress, with no straps for dinner. For causal she wears a simple flowing flower dress which is !beautiful but not for me.

For dinner I plan on wearing a white dress with flowers on the sides. Nothing amazing. And for causal, I wear a black skirt and a white lace top and white pumps for both. Jess always goes out while I prefer in.

For makeup, I use my all time favourite counsellor which hides my spots. I had blusher, mascara, lip gloss, and eye liner. I don't add anymore than that on normal days.

Jess again goes out. She puts on all the makeup in the world and looks, I admit, stunning.

"Jess, you look amazing" I say as she walks out of her and Joe's room.

Jess grins. "You too."

I laugh. "Me?! In these things?! I don't believe you!"

"Okay, but you look totally amazing."

Suddenly Marcus and Joe walk out. They haven't made any changes. They look the same. Completely the same.

"Boys!" Jess gasps. "Ain't you going to wear something?"

Marcus and Joe look at each other. Joe says, "babe, we already look speechless! We don't need this makeup! We did buy suits for tonight though!"

I laugh. Joe. Suit. Not real.

"Shut up!" Joe grins, kissing Jess. Suddenly we hear voices. Some of the youtubers are here.

"OMG! C'mon!" Jess pulls Joe down the stairs. I run after them with Marcus behind me. I here a girl and a boy voice.

When I get to the bottom, in reception, there is a guy and a girl. The girl looks beautiful, she has a straw hat. She takes it off. She has caramel hair, tanned skin and a smile that makes me smile. The chap seems nice. He is very tall, short, brown hair and a huge grin.

"Tanya and Jim" Marcus guesses, holding out his hand.

"Yes!" Tanya smiles, shaking his hand. Jim shakes his hand too.

Tanya takes a look at us all. She points at us. "ThatcherJoe" she says slowly, pointing at Joe.

"Madam, you are indeed correct" Joe grins. She laughs. She turns to me. "Zoella!" She smiles.

"Hiya!" I say. She laughs.

"Marcus" she says, pointing at Marcus.

"Yo that's me" Marcus says cheerily.

She looks at Jess confusingly. "I'm sorry but I don't remember you...?" Tanya says sadly.

Jess smiles. "Oh it's okay!" She says. "I'm not a youtuber, I'm here for my boyfriend, Joe! I'm Jess Davis." Tanya suddenly nods.

"Aw yes you were in the booklet. Hi!" Tanya beams.

Jim grins at us, and says, "anyone else here?"

"Nah, we are it!" I laugh.

Suddenly the door opens again and more people come charging through. A blonde girl with blue highlights and sunglasses comes in with a guy with sandy coloured hair.

"Hello!" She smiles. "I'm Niomi Smart and this is Caspar Lee!" Caspar looks around and grins. "Hi all!" He says, waving. Niomi grins and then says, "Alfie is with us, he's getting the bags."

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