chapter 2

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Nevaeh p.o.v

Did he really just asked me for my number . We walk to class then he come up to me like what do he want now. he comes over to me. he said so we are having a party tonight want to come and I say sure sounds like fun what time he said 9:00 I said OK and then the teacher comes in and he sat right beside me and then he kept on staring at me the whole time then class was I packed my stuff so fast before he could say anything I went to my locker and lay my book in my locker and closed it. The day is finally over and I go to my car and drive home.  I live by myself and I fix me a snack and I hear my iPhone ringing so I answer

phone confo:

me: hey babe

Zuri: hey can I come over

me: sure

babe: OK see you in a sec

me: ok

end of confo

so I eat my snacks and then I hear the door bell ring so u go to the door and babe comes in with Tori and I am so happy.  so we for sit down and started talking. I was wondering if you two would want to move in with me I said. then I they said yes and I was so happy

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