Chapter 14: Break in

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" Alright everyone knows the plan right" I asked. They all nodded." You know how the way in and out right" again they nodded.

I pulled my wrist up to examine my watch it read 5:58.

" Okay 2 minutes ready?" I asked

" Yes" they answered in unison. I nodded. I slid door open stepping out of my black get away van then closing it.

I walked to the back door. Checking my watch again it saying 6:00. Soon the back door opens with 5 workers walking outside. They walk away leaving the door to slowly close until I grabbed it.

I picked up a rock throwing it at the van sending a signal for the guys to come out. Still holding the door open.  Cam, Matt, Shawn and Taylor first came out and stood next to me. Then the Jacks  and Aaron.went to keep watch out front and lastly Nash and Carter stayed next to the car.

I made sure the positions were correct then me and the guys entered. I told them to put masks and gloves then take out all the Cameras as I went down the hall.

I was right next to the safe until I heard footsteps. I got down then I peeked seeing a security guard walking around .

I looked around for more but didn't see any I walked quietly behind the security guard then when I got close enough I pulled out his flashlight from his weapon belt and hit him in the head knocking him out before he could get a glimpse of me.

" Damn " I heard behind me. I turned to see the guys with their mouths open .

" What stop  wasting time let's move" I said then going back to the safe. I turned the big wheel until it finally opened .

We walked in to see bundles and bundles of money stacked all over the room. I grabbed a duffle bag from Taylor and started to throw money inside. After the guys drooled over the money they soon followed my steps.

We filled all four bags and when we were going to walk out we heard sirens.

" Shit let's go" I said and we bolted for the back door. We made it then jumped in the van with everyone else and Carter speed down the road.

" That was close" I said running my hand through my hair and blowing air.

" It was but we got the money Yaaaassss" Cam cheered and we all laughed.

" Well now all we have to do is find a way to get it to Austin without him being close to killing us" I said.


So that was a bad chapter but you know I'm trying but I don't have that much time anymore but. I will try every weekend sorry if I  keep changing the date I'm still trying to figure this out so yeah.



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