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Frank was so stupid. He should've been watching Annabeth. Not watching Jason punch Percy in the face.

Annabeth was already gone before he turned back around.

"Uh. Percy?" Frank said, like he knew he was going to get yelled at.

"What?!" Percy yelled at him, shoving Jason away.

"Um. She's gone." Frank said as loud as he dared.

"WHAT?!?! WHERE IS SHE???" Percy roared, running towards where Annabeth was laying a minute ago. "We have to find her!" Percy ran up to Leo. "We have to leave NOW!" He said, matter-of-factly.


It was about an hour later, when it was Frank's turn for the night shift. He stood up on the deck, leaning on the rail. He looked up at the night sky. Frank made a silent prayer to his father, that Hazel and Annabeth got back to the ship safely.

"Frank!" Someone gasped in pain behing him.

Frank spun around, only to come, face-to-face with Hazel.

"Hazel!" Frank shouted trying to grab her, but his arms passed right through her.

"Frank! No!" Hazel sobbed as the iris-message faded away.

Frank smacked his forehead. He'd really screwed it up this time. They didn't have any way to contact them. Frank smacked his forehead again. He pulled out a gold drachma, and ran down the deck to Percy's room.

"Percy!" Frank yelled, opening Percy's door.

"What?" Percy said tiredly, sitting up.

"We need to iris-meassage them! I screwed up the one that they sent to us!" Frank explained giving Percy a cup of water, and the gold drachma.

"Who?" Percy said waking up a little more.

"Just do it!" Frank said annoyed with Percy.

"Okay jeez!" Percy held out his hand, and a misty rainbow appeared out of the cup of water. "Here you do it." Percy handed Frank the drachma.

"Oh Fleecy, do me a solid. Show me Hazel Leveasque!" Frank said a little too loud.

An image of Hazel appeared in the mist. She was being held up by Annabeth, who was grunting with effort.

"Frank! Where's Percy?! I need to talk to him!" Annabeth shouted at him.

"Here!" Percy yelled, running to Frank's side so that he could see her. "Where are you?!"

"Were escaping Gaea's prison!" Annabeth cringed, and fell to the ground, dropping Hazel.

"Annabeth!!!" Percy yelled, shocked. "Are you okay?!?"

"Yeah." Annabeth gasped. "Listen, I need to tell you something!"

"What?!" Percy shouted back.

An explosion shook the image in the backround. Annabeth yelled in pain and cursed. "Percy, you know how when Piper was in the dome, she was yelling at Tartarus? Stupid ankle. You know how she said 'I will not fall to you again', well Percy, Piper.... when she died.... Gaea sent her to Tartarus. Alone."

Then the iris-message blanked out.

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