I should have known....

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The loud bus finally arrives at school after what feels like forever…I hop out the bus with a spring in my step, I hope no one saw that, and I wait outside the bus. Jane comes out and stares right into my eyes. That’s not weird at all. “Um, Lauren I think you might need to take a hike, I have new and improved friends now”, I look around and see all girly girls watching me and giggling. I slight tear slips out from my eyes, I quickly wiped it away and say “Well so do I, no offence but you were just baggage” I bolt the opposite way, not knowing where I’m going. I hear her behind me yelling “Excuse me, I’m baggage!! You were the one holding me down!!!” I totally toned out for the rest of what she was saying. I peer around and see all the older high schoolers looking at me, do I have something in my teeth? Wait no, it’s probably from that fight. Gee I don’t even know where I am going…… I look around and see a massive hall with a big sign reading ‘welcome new students’, I guess that’s where I am supposed to go. I still am getting over from what Jane did to me, I mean she is such a …….b…..b….bullie. I can’t swear. Really, I should have seen it coming, look at her she is pretty, outgoing and will probably end up popular. As for me, I guess I was dead weight …….

All of a sudden I hear I loud echoing from the hall, oh, oh what time is it. I check my watch and realize that I’m late for the welcoming assembly. I start running for the hall, there is no one around. Great, just great, while I was daydreaming and thinking about my problems everyone was making their way to the hall. I see  large entrance a couple feet away from me and I run towards it, just as the doors are about to close. I make it, but with a big bang, I feel a little dizzy. A random teacher comes up to me and asks if I am ok “yep, I feel high….I mean fine” I can’t believe I just said that to a teacher. She looks at me with a smirk but concern look on her face. She asks “what’s your name?” I tell her “Lauren Triming” “ok, let me have a look here…ahh….yes, ok head down this column of kids and you’re the first on the left” “all right, thank you… Miss….” “Miss Bailey” I walk towards her directions. “by the way, if you need any help with anything, you can come to me” “ ok, thanks you Miss Bailey”. I finally walk away and sit in my spot. The Assembly commences but again I tune out, thinking about what happened…. That seems to happen to me a lot.

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