I strongly suspect I've spelt "Douggie" wrong thoughout this entire chapter...

Ah well enjoy! (not very edited at all)

The doctor was an arrogant surfer type who looked to be in his early 20s with bleached blonde hair and an annoyingly perfect tan.

Douggie, the doctor, I thought snidely, was seriously starting to piss me off.

“So like,” he said running his fingers though his blonde hair and flexing his arm muscle at the same time, “ like… you’re a girl wolf now cause of this dude.”

I ground my teeth in frustration and fought the urge to hit the idiot who had apparently somehow managed to make it through medical school.

This was not what I’d had in mind when I’d been told I would be provided with expert medical attention.

“Yes,” I ground out.

“But like,” he said looking like his head might explode with the pressure it was under to work though what I’d explained to his, twice, about my situation. “it didn’t totally work, what the dude did to you yeah?”

“Yes!” I snapped quickly losing patience.

He frowned for a long moment and I could almost imagine the two surviving brain cells in his head frantically rubbing together to form a sentence.

Finally after what seemed like an age he looked up at me, brows furrowed.

“Not cool dude.”

Fuck it! I thought truly pissed off now, I didn’t know what Dylan was playing at sticking me in a room with this kid but I didn’t have time for this.

I took a deep breath making up my mind.

“Listen I’m a bit thirsty,” I said smiling innocently at him, “could you go fetch me a glass of water please?” I said hoping he’d go for it and that the nearest source of water was really far away, and that he’d get lost along the way.

Considering the hour long conversation I’d just had with him, it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility.

“Sure thing.” He said thing ‘thaaaaanng’, and before he got up to leave he shot me a wink.

The moment the door closed I sagged in relief, maybe Dylan was Alpha of all the mentally challenged wolves I thought, but then immediately felt bad for it when I thought of Heidi who’d tried so hard to be nice to me.

I hopped down from the medical bed and headed for the door. Out in the hallway I realised I had no idea where anything was in the giant house. I stood there for a moment debating my options.

I could try to escape again, but it was the middle of the day and I’d be lucky to get as far as the end of the hall I was in without someone running into me, let alone trying to get outside and far enough away for them not to catch me.

No, I decided, trying to escape now wouldn’t work and it would probably just aggravate the situation. Escaping would need to happen at night at the very least I decided.

However if I could find some kind of weapons room or something then I would at least prepare myself for my escape. I would be nice not to feel so helpless all the time.

I started down the hall checking around me for anyone who might be watching, but there was no-one. Part of me thought it was a little odd that big Alpha dog would leave me all alone with the village idiot.

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