Aron's POV

"Dude Star is looking for you" My friend Marc said while shaking.

We were currently in the hallway standing next to my locker, talking and waiting for the warning bell to signal.

"Uhhhh man if she ask for me tell her you haven't seen me."

It's not that I don't like Star she's just a bit.........crazy and extremely clingy. When I first met her she was sweet and nice and all that good stuff but now......its like I don't even know her anymore.

"Ok man but you know she's not going to believe that right?" Marc stated.

"Yea but it will hold her off a little"

"Alright Cya"


I opened my locker to grabbed my English and Science book since I had those classes next. While I was locking my lock on my locker(haha Alliteration right there) I heard the voice I was trying to ignore all morning.

"OMG BABE THERE YOU ARE" Star yelled from down the hall.

I quickly moved from my locker and speed walked down the hallway.

"BABE, BABE DO YOU HEAR ME!" She continued to yell and I continued to walk but a little faster. I dogged the people that were in my way and continued walking.

"ARON" Star countries to yell

While speed walking I looked back over my shoulder to see if she was chasing after me and that is when I bumped into something or someone. I turned around it was that girl from the food court. Alanna..... I think that's her name but wow did she look diffrent.

"Watch were your going"

"Wow Alanna right?" I asked looking her up in down.

She moaned while biting her lip and she shook her head.

"You look.....look diffrent"

"Uhh thanks I guess" she said pushing her hair out of face.

"I mean you l-look a good kind of diffrent l-like c-cute." O god did I just stutter like 2 times.

"Um thanks" she said, her cheek reddening.

She's so hot....wait what am I saying I have a girlfriend.

"Hey happy birthday Alanna" a girl said to her while walking bye.

"Thanks" Alanna replied back to her.

*beeep* the warning bell rung which meant we only had 5 more minutes

"Ugh well I should get going" she said looking at the floor then up to me.

"Yea well I'm sorry I'm bumped into you"

"Nah it was totally my fault I wasn't looking where I was go-"

"No it was my fault" I said cutting her off. She just smiled and looked to be in train of thought.

"You can bump into me anytime" she said.

Her eyes widens and she slapped her hand over her mouth, I just smirked.

"Did I say that out loud?" she said full on blushing.

"Uhh yea" I said chuckling

"Ummm I-I have t-to g-go" she said walking pass me.

"Okay see you around Alanna" she looked back at me, still blushing and gave me a small wave.

I carried on walking and thinking......thinking about her.......her and there is no us.


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