chapter 1 squidy Sunday's

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"squidward get down here right now and have your breakfast" auntie squid shouted it was Sunday and squid was up in his room playing minecraft of coarse.

"why auntie squid" he shouted back


"what is it"

"pancakes your favourite"

squid raced down stairs pancakes was is favourite. he gobbled them up and went straight back up stairs and called stampy

"hellooooo" stampy called out

"hi stamps wanna go to the city and get up to mischief-I actually mean get a coffee"

"yeah ok see you soon"

"hey auntie squid I'm going to to the city with stampy"

"not so fast we have the squidy runion"

"but I thought my parents were de-dea-DEAD"

"they are but we are going to their grave"

"I DON'T WANT TO GO" and with that squid stormed out of the house and went and got the first train to the city. auntie squid just stood at the Door crying.

squid met stampy at a cafe squid looking guilty of something he did.

"what s up squid"asked stampy

"um ah oh. sugar?" said squid nervously

"squid what did you do"


"were you even allowed to come here"

"not really I guess I kinda stormed out of the house because I didn't want to go to my parents grave"

There was an awkward silence then stampy spoke.

"why didn't you go" said stampy sadly

"Cause I wanted to spend time with you, and I don't regret it"

"Really, well I'm calling your auntie"

"NOOOO please don't, I don't want to go CELEBRATE with my DEAD parents"

Squid took off running away from stampy and going into a store, stampy was following him. In the store was lots and lots of cake.

"Stampy could just eat through all of this and find me" squid thought.

When stampy was distracted by cake squid raced out and knocked over all the cakes.

"CATCH HIM!!!!!" Yelled the shop keeper

The shopkeeper called the police.

"Oh dear" whispered stampy

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