My love ended

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After three days from the incident me and tye was hanging at my house play fighting and I kissed her and we got to know each other for a long time and I asked her out 10 time and the 10th time she said yes but that's after I gave her speech of how she effects me in so many ways and it was at 635 pm in my moms bed watching evil dead that I asked her and she said yes on November 29 , 2013 everything went smooth until I started to cheat and lie over and over I never meant to hurt her tho because I regret hurting her its been 8 months and 18 days since and her started to date and tight it all ended with lies when I should've told truth i was jus afraid to lose her but either way it would've went I was gonna lose her on this night of August 15 , 2014. 3 months from a year and didn't even make it to a year and I'm so devastated and sorry to MY LOVER TYESHIA TA'KELLA SHANA SMITH AND I NEE ONE MORE CHANCE TO SHOW HER I GIVE HER WHAT IS MISSING BUT THEIR IS NOBODY THAT CAN LOVER ME FOR WHO I AM AND SO MUCH MORE BUT HER I JUST WANNA APOLOGIZE TO YOU IM STILL YOUR BABY AN YOUR STILL MY BABY SO GOODNIGHT I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS. I LOVE YOU TO INFINITY AND BEYOND FOREVE AND ALWAYS UNTIL DEATH DO US PART MUAH 😍😘🐰❤💜💙🐒💍🎂 SILLY SMILIEY RABBIT 🐰 AND BABY GORILLA 🐒 AND CUPCAKE 🎂 YOUR LIL HAMSTER 🐹 LOVES YOU DEARLY, I SHED TEARS WRITING THIS THO.

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