Love and Regret

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It was just a typical day, parents abusing me, people at school picking on me, even my own sister hating me. I was at school 1 day and i was going to my history class and i saw my crush talking to her friends, i always had a crush on her and today would be the day that i tell her that liked her.

She was at her locker and I asked her if she wanted to date me (i didn't have a gf in middle school until then, she was hesitent but she said yes, I was the happiest man in the world at the time. I came back to school the next day and I went straight to her locker every day and told her I loved her and kissed her every time the bell rang to switch classes, even though we didnt have any classes together, I always told her I love her with all my heart and soul.

1 day after school I was at home and she called me and asked me to come over, I biked about 2+ miles to go and see her (i had never been over to her house before) so once I got there me and skylar (thats her name) were eating pizza and watching movies and her brother got home. (her brother is VERY protective of his sisters) Luckly me and her brother christian got along really fast and really well.

One day I took a vacation to Florida and I was having the time of my life but then everything changed when my gf called me and said it was all over, she said she loved me more as a broher than anything else. I begged her to stay with me trying to hide in my anger that raged from within me.

When I got back from Florida I was extremely sad and depressed, 1 of my best friends named Rosie came over to my house and I was so happy to have someone I could relate to me so well that I could'nt contain myself and I just kissed her. I didn't know why I did it, it just... happened I was so embarassed that I couldn't talk and we just started making out.

Its been about 2 months since me and skylar broke up and me and Rosie started going out. I love my gf Rosie but at the same time my mind can never forget my ex Skylar.

I got into a depresson wave and i couldn't take it anymore and I decided to hang myself One night and right as soon as i was about to do it I got a phonecall from Rosie, I was so scared to tell her about what I was about to do so I decided to not say anything about it and right as soon as I was about to hang myself she told me she loved me, I said I love you too and hung up.

I was playing some games over at Rosie's house and she got a phonecall from skylar, On that day I found out the worst thing that I ever will know, my ex Skylar never actually loved me, 2 months we have benn dating and I told her every FUCKING day that I LOVED her, but I guess she never felt the same way. I was so pissed that I couldn't even think straight. I wanted to kill her because I have mental insanity and anger issues so I was about to break something withing 10 feet of me.

Im still with my beautiful gf Rosie and I love her and I only HOPE that she loves me back, I will never get over skylar, and I will still love her till I die, but im with Rosie and U couldn't get me to leave her for all the money in the world. I love you Rosie and I always will you are my heart and soul and U are my everything without you I would be nothing my life would be meaningless, I love you.


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