double exposure

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Criminal world is a magazine dedicated to investigating crime all over the world, the reporters and photographer gather details of crime from victims, police records and criminals themselves. The team take steps to ensure that the public are provided with detailed accounts of events with graphic pictures that questionably cannot be compared with any other crime magazine.

Fiona Ellington is one of the reporters who are strong-minded and a force to be reckoned with as she immerses all her energy into finding a good story. Her life is criminal world and anything else in life takes a back shelf including love and marriage.


Stuart Elliot was a photographer who spent a few years as a wedding photographer and then ventured into the world photographing models moved into the area of crime when he found himself actually photographing a murder as it happened.


Daniel Harrison another reporter that used to work in war zones, he had a history in the army and used it to help him on location in remote areas. He achieved many things in his younger life recognising an opportunity for a story an every moment. He was said to even sleep with a notepad in his bed. 


Many other people worked for criminal world of course and the main offices employed computer experts and retired scientists surprisingly enough. It was a thriving concern and the connections with other areas of expertise helped to make the magazine more accurate and credible. The world wide web or internet serves as a valuable asset for criminal world in order to receive vital information for the magazine. 




One of the main premises for criminal world was based in central London close to Piccadilly Circus. It was inside a tall building on the fourth floor with a bronze plaque outside indicating exactly where to find it. On the fourth floor was a door with a design of the world decorated on the glass saying ‘criminal world magazine’ opposite


Samantha entered the office walking gracefully down the corridor with her head held high, she seemed a confident woman with so much inner strength. She had long brown hair, which shined beneath the artificial florescent lights. She looked about thirty having young radiant skin that was slightly tanned. She wore a tight dress black dress that complimented her slim figure, catching the eyes of any man passing. But although she seemed confident she had a rather sad expression as if she were carrying the world on her shoulders.



Samantha walked through another door and found herself in a waiting area. A young man sat at a desk looking at a computer screen. Samantha gave a gentle cough to draw his attention then repeated a cough, eventually he responded.


“Yes can I help”. He paused as he gazed at her beautiful face.

“I am Samantha I am your new reporter” Samantha said confidently

“Oh right” The young man said still staring at Samantha

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