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" hello sweetie" an enthusiastic greeting, and hand stroking the top of her head that talk to you "how are you?"

the girl who called then turned around and find someone who is already quite old was smiling showing her teeth. of course the girl did not want to lose, he smiled back and reached out to greet and kiss the hand like a child to a parent

"Hello uncle Franky .... I'm fine, and you,?"

"as you can see .... I'm fine '' he answered still smiling, holding out both hands

"Come here ...." he continued, making a sweet brown-haired girl giggling, and join hands stretched arms of the man she welcomed the call uncle Franky

"I miss you"

"i miss you too" the girl replied and releasing arms "uncle, it's been how many days here?"

"From wednesday last week"

"and here with the family,?" he asked again, look around, like he was looking for someone

hhhh_ Franky uncle sighed "no, your auntie so busy lately" continued sounding disappointed

"oh .... I'm so sorry, you're alone here, uncle?"

hahahaha ........ uncle Franky actually even laugh, make the girl had just asked frowning, astonishment "Is there something wrong with my question ???" he thought to himself

"do you still remember my son?" he asked after the laughter died down a little bit, but now it's the girl's turn because at the question blank?!?!

HAH SON ????? oh, my gosh how could I forget about her son ??? of course I will never forget the "BULE PREMATURE" it !!!

who always insult me ​​as good knees, and very, very underestimate !!

visible once the girl tried to escape by giving a reason at Frenky uncle that he had no business, but unfortunately the person who was called Uncle Franky was hurried call only child cool in the middle of chatting with others, and in the end the guy know first and then run towards the girl who looks obviously panicked and nervous

"Hey boy, did you remember this girl?" said his father, smiling and patting his shoulder

guy was now standing right in front of the girl with a look as if to swallow him alive!

but it looks like the girl who is not afraid to intense gaze, he ventured up blue eyes stared back at him. 'oh, shit !! why his body is now much higher than me? and ... the wound was still a trace .... 'he thought

from the corner of the lips and the way of looking at the guy, it is so obvious that he was smiling underestimate "she ?! why do i have to keep that in mind?" he said so cynical,

make the girl's eyes as if to dismember his handsome face and add some scratches in the face of such events Caucasians were a few years ago !! but, of course it will not happen because a crowded place and in front of his father.

"of course, she's your little friend right ?!"

"she give a greeting!" command of his father,

"o right !, hey ...." he said with a mocking mouth and stick your index finger in the middle of the forehead of the girl who looked at him "I hope you want to mince words, stupid girl?" then dropped his hands back

heh_ laugh through your nose and ...

Tiing !!! Caucasians were winked, then went after the girl sure can not speak

even when his father called him to ask and he did not ignore the cry at all, ....

"I'm so sorry, my son did this to you sweetie" said Uncle Franky with regret face

"oh it's okay uncle, no problem ...."



fhuhh ........

This story is only fiction, if there are common names of characters, places, times, and events, is just a mere coincidence !!!

ARE YOU SURE ??? This is only a fictional story ?????


Oohhh MY ...........

hope this is only fiction, only hallucinations, just a dream, but .........

HHHH ..... I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS My story ?? !! ......

NB: special for Kanan Minami

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