chaper 1

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Chapter 1

Kassadiey p.o.v

It was 2 pm in the afternoon

I was still in bed because it was a weekend and i had nothing better to do but sleep in.

So i just sat in bed on my laptop looking through my social media newsfeeds,when my phone vibrated

It was my best friend maria


M:hey bae

K:hay boo wyd

M:nothing, bout to chill with adriana.wby

K:um i might go to the studio today.I'll chill with yall l8r


~End of convo~

I got up,took a quick shower.i decided to wear my all black drop crouch,a tie dye tank top and my bright purple vans.i skipped makeup cause i would probably sweat it off,so i put my black curly hair in a messy bun.i went downstairs to the kitchen to grab me something for later and to say bye to kim (my adoptive mother) but she wasn't home.i was about to grab my keys and leave when i saw a note on the table

-the note-

I have something important and special to tell u,see u later hun

-Xoxo kim-

"I wonder what she has to tell me" i thought as i walked out the door to my jeep, i put my bag in the passenger seat,i got into the driver's seat and took of to ICON dance complex

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