Michael Imagine *Dirty*

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**This is random imagine that I wrote a while ago and I am working on everyone’s requests. I am stopping requests for now thought because I need to focus on who has asked for one and that. Hope you like this one!**


You had gotten a job at Starbucks for the summer and you worked there every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. However, this weekend, your boyfriend Michael was coming to stay with you because he has just come on a break from tour and wanted to see you. 

It was Saturday and you had just arrived at work and Mikey was waiting at your house for you get home. Just before you left, he had turned up so you let him in and told him to wait there till you get back. 

When you got to your break, with still 2 hours of work left, you went and got your phone and decided to text him to see if he is alright. However, when you unlocked your phone, you saw that he had already text you. You clicked on it and started to read it. Your jaw fell open.

From: Mikey

Heyy babe. Please get home soon, I am really horny and just thinking about you is causing problems for my friend. Please hurry. Love you xx

You couldn't help but gape at his message. 

You soon got back to work, but that text has been on your mind ever since you read it. You looked at the clock and you still had an hour and a half left, but you couldn't wait anymore. You walked up to your boss and started to talk to her.

You asked your boss if you could go home because you weren't feeling well and put on a fake voice to make it believable and thankfully she believed it. As soon as she said that you could go, you grabbed your things and drove home to your apartment. 

You unlocked the door and heard moaning coming from the bedroom. You knew what he was doing and so you walked towards it and walked straight in. You saw what you knew and he was in fact jerking himself off and by the looks of it, he was watching something...

You walked over to him and peeked at the laptop and realised it was the last time you two had sex and you had agreed to film it for when he goes back on tour. Let's just say, he was very happy that you agreed.

"Having fun there babe," you whispered in his ear as you sat behind him, resting your hands on his shoulders, gently massaging them.

"Yeah, but I think I could use a little help," he said, his voice deep as it normally is when he is in the mood.

You got up from your spot and kneeled down in front of him and took his length in your hand, stroking gently and agonisingly slow which you knew he hated. 

"Don't be a fucking tease," he growled and bucked his hips.

You gave in and responded to him, quickening the pace to please him, swiping your thumb over his head to collect the pre-cum leaking over the sides. 

You decided to surprise him and put him all in your mouth at once and his reaction is what you wanted, him releasing a deep, loud groan.

"Stop, or I will come right now," he ordered and you took him out of mouth.

He stood you up and took all of your clothes off in a hurry. He threw you onto the bed when he was done and attacked your mouth in hungry, needy kisses.

"I fucking love you, you know that?" he asked in between kisses and occasionally biting your lip, causing me to moan. 

Where you was already wet, he pushed straight in and didn't waist anytime in going fast and hard. You love it when he does that because he was absolutely brilliant at it.

Thrust after thrust, you felt your high coming sooner and sooner. 

You felt Michael's thrusts getting really sloppy and you knew he was getting closer and was nearly there.

"Mikey!" you screamed as you hit your high before him and you came undone beneath him.

The sight before him must have been enough to push him over the edge and he shouted 'fuck' whilst pulling out and quickly stroking himself and he released all over your stomach with a smug look on his face as his breathing returned to normal.

"I think this leads to round 2, don't you?" he smirked and angrily kisses you once again.

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