Chapter 5

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Luke's pov

Well we went to the pool for a few hours and then we left and in the car we talked about how we are going to tell our perents "If I tell my perents they will kill me and kick me out of the house and kill you to." She says "No they won't I won't let them!"

~~~~~~5Months later!~~~~~~

Sarah's pov

It was Saturday and I was 5 Months pregnat and the baby will be comeing soon and it's a girl!!!"So what names did you think of?" Luke says "I thought of Spencer.Emily,Taylor.Zoe!!!" I say "Zoe sounds like a great name!!!And I thought of names like,Hanna,Mikielya,Dorothy,Selena!!!" Luke says then we get home we were just in our swimsuits and Luke started kissing my neck makeing me moan "What are you doing?"I ask."It's good for the baby." Luke says and it's true so Luke took me to a room locked the door and we started makeing out and then he un-tied my bottoms and you took Luke's shorts off and then he took you're top off and starring and then e started all that and I was moaning his name loudly and then 5 minutes later we fell asleep.

I Woke up and the sun was burning my eyes and that's when I noticed that I was naked and the I woke up Luke "What the fuck do want man???"Luke says "I'm geting in the gucking shower do you wanna come?" I ask "Sure!" Then we get into the shower and I do my hair and body and Luke Started kissing me down my spine and I could not refuse and the he put him inside me and I was moaning."Faster baby faster." I said.and he did and it felt so good and then we got out "What do you to do today?" Luke asked "Um maybe the movies." I say."What is there to watch?" I ask."Thees only Jersy Boys,The Purge-" I cut I'm off saying "the purge" and then it was over and we went home after 2 hrs I had to go to the bathroom and then my water broke "LUKEEE"I scream "yeah what's wrong?" He asks " My water broke!"he hurdled my to the car and we got there he took me inside " doctors she having a baby!" And they all rush me in the wheel chair and took me into a room and Luke invited Calum Michal and Ashton to come."Pish you have to push harder" the doctors say so I do and they say"they are out"And I say "they what do you mean?" "You did not know you had 2 little twin girls?" They say."no" and they hand me them and let me hold them then luke and then Michael and then Calum and then Ashton!!!

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