“Hey, Phil”

“Why do you sound so weird Dan? Did you do something we are both going to regret? Wait, did you buy a hamster?”

“No… what? Ok um, yes and no, this could be good or bad, or alright or not”

“Did you buy a hamster, or not?”

“No hamsters, forget hamsters! I invited a girl to be our house mate because she lost her house and job and she was sad and…”

“Daniel I forgot your middle name Howell. Does she snore? I just can’t stand it when people snore”


“Fine, fine… But really does she”


“Ok, fine, but you have to feed her”

“She isn’t a dog….” “… or a hamster”

“Ok, she can stay, but she has to pay her bit. Lol that rhymed”

“Ok, I’ll tell her, bye.”

“See ya”

This was going to be an awkward few hours.

“Casey, here is where we live, and are you ok with bringing your own stuff?”

“Yep” Her eyes widened “This is close to where I used to work! I can work again!!!” Casey gave me another massive hug. She kissed him on the cheek and ran out the door. I was dazed until she came running back.

“I need your phone number” Casey said.

“Yeah, of course” I said while still partly dazed.

“Ok, see you soon house mate.” Casey left still as happy as a puppy.

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